After a weekend of wild weather across Central Oregon and the Cascades, more winter storms are expected to roll through during the week.

“This is our first large storm in 2020,” said Rob Brooks, hydrometeorological technician for the National Weather Service in Pendleton.

A winter storm warning for Sunriver and La Pine has been extended until 4 p.m. Tuesday, with up to 15 more inches of snow expected, according to the National Weather Service. There’s a winter weather advisory in effect for Bend, with up to 6 inches in the forecast through Wednesday.

While the snowy weather had drivers grousing, it was a plus for the snowpack and ski areas. The snow helped push the snowpack in the Upper Deschutes to 74% of normal, a big jump from the start of the year when the snowpack was just 41% of normal.

Ski resorts had been operating on thin bases through December and into early January.

Mt. Bachelor received 51 inches of snow in three days as of Monday, according to Leigh Capozzi, director of brand and communications. The total snow depth base at Mt. Bachelor was 74 inches on Monday.

“The storms delivered on par what was expected,” said Capozzi. “We went into the weekend anticipating a foot plus each day.”

Capozzi expects the storm to taper off after today followed by a few days of light weather.

“There will be some heightened winds on Thursday and Friday but then generally expecting a change to moderate and improving weather heading into the weekend,” Capozzi said.

Hoodoo Ski Resort reported 2.7 inches of new snow on Monday and a base of 60.4 inches. Weekend snow nearly doubled the base at Hoodoo, according to the resort’s website.

The eastern Cascades could receive another 18 to 36 inches of snow through Wednesday. High temperatures are forecast near freezing for most of Central Oregon through Friday.

The biggest snowfalls in Central Oregon over the weekend were reported in Sunriver, where 10 inches fell in a 24-hour period Saturday, Brooks said.

In La Pine, 8 inches fell overnight Friday into Saturday and then another 4 inches were reported on Monday. At a reporting station in northwest Bend, 4 inches fell over 24 hours from Friday into Saturday, Brooks said.

The winter weather will lighten up on Wednesday, said Brooks. There’s a chance of mixed snow and rain later this week, with highs reaching 40 degrees on Saturday.

While snow accumulated in the mountains, very little of it extended into the High Desert. Only trace amounts of snow were recorded at Bend Municipal Airport. Redmond also received minimal precipitation. Some flights out of Redmond were affected because of delays and cancellations occurring in Seattle, which was experiencing poor weather Monday.

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