Jimmy Crumpacker

Jimmy Crumpacker, of Tumalo, announced Monday his intention to run for Oregon's 2nd Congressional District.

Jimmy Crumpacker, a Tumalo businessman and Republican, announced his bid for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District on Monday.

Crumpacker is running against Bend physician Knute Buehler for the seat currently held by Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River. Walden, the state’s only congressional Republican, announced he was not seeking reelection in October.

A seventh-generation Oregonian, Crumpacker was born and raised in Portland before going to Georgetown University and earning a bachelor’s degree in government, according to his website. He has worked for American Insurance Group and as an investor in oil on Wall Street for First New York Securities. He moved from the East Coast back to Oregon seven years ago.

Since then, he founded and manages Crumpacker Asset Management. He has also served on the board of the Oregon Ballet Theatre and Meals on Wheels, an organization that delivers meals to seniors.

Crumpacker decided to run for the 2nd Congressional District after hearing of Walden’s retirement, according to his campaign website.

Crumpacker describes himself as a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and ardent defender of free market capitalism.

“For far too long, Washington insiders have forgotten so many folks like those in rural Oregon — farmers, ranchers; folks who just want a fair shake,” Crumpacker said in a written release.

“That’s why this district voted for Donald Trump in the first place: They were tired of getting the short end of the stick. Rural Oregonians can rest assured knowing that I will work tirelessly with this President to deliver real results for the district.”

For Crumpacker, that means defending the Second Amendment, securing the border, and “putting an end to the spread of radical socialism,” according to the release.

Crumpacker had raised nearly $600,000 by the end of last year, according to a press release.

Mike Kusinska, the chair of Deschutes County Republicans, said Monday the organization does not support one candidate over another until after the primaries.

“All the candidates that have submitted their paperwork so far all have a viable chance of winning,” Kusinska said Monday.

The organization is planning to have a public forum for the candidates sometime this spring, Kusinska said.

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So, he's going to go after the spread of "radical socialism". I supposed that means he'll be working to dismantle two of the most radical programs started by Dems. Social Security and Medicare.


"For far too long, Washington insiders have forgotten so many folks like those in rural Oregon — farmers, ranchers; folks who just want a fair shake,”

Mr. Crumbpacker seems to be saying that farmers and ranchers have not been properly served.

If Greg Walden, one of the most respected Republicans Oregon ever produced, not to mention highly regarded in the Republican party and sitting on many influential committees has not been able to represent and support farmers, ranchers, and rural folks then how is this green, socialite city guy going to be able to jump in and make a difference?

I understand the drum beat of politicians “things are bad and I can fix them” but you should show respect for those who came before you.

bend 80

this is a young man I can support.

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