RILEY — Police say a young man was arrested after he was caught on video riding on the back of a mule deer that was trapped in a fenced area in rural Eastern Oregon.

Oregon State Police say Jacob Belcher, 18, of Riley, was arrested Friday and charged with wildlife harassment and animal abuse. It wasn’t known if he has a lawyer.

Police say someone sent the state police’s Fish and Wildlife division a video of Belcher climbing onto the young mule deer buck and riding the animal, which appears exhausted.

Troopers said the deer makes grunting or bleating sounds throughout the video. After it escaped Belcher, it jumped into a linked fence repeatedly while trying to escape.

The deer had been trapped in a fenced feeding enclosure, police said. It was eventually freed, and police don’t know where the deer is now.

Belcher was arrested, and another person who filmed the alleged incident was also interviewed. That person may be charged with aiding in a wildlife offense, state police said.

PORTLAND — A man was arrested last week on dozens of child sex abuse charges, some of which date back to 1994.

Michael Hern, 42, has pleaded not guilty to 26 counts related to the sexual abuse of at least six children, who were between 4 and 15 years old at the time of the alleged abuse.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office began investigating Hern in July after someone reported him. Hern had been investigated for sex crimes in 2005, but prosecutors at the time decided not to charge him, said Deputy Brian van Kleef.

Van Kleef said the alleged victims were known to Hern


— Bulletin wire reports

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