Jane Pierie of Bend displays a sign June 7 during a Black Lives Matter protest in Drake Park in Bend.

The Black Lives Matter movement has won supporters and detractors in equal measure, according to a new poll, but many on both sides agree: it changed Oregon, and the world.

The Oregon Values and Beliefs Center found that 19% of Oregonians believe the social push, often abbreviated as BLM, had a positive impact — while a roughly equivalent portion (22%) say the effect was negative.

A larger share, 29%, said the movement contains both good and bad elements. Another fifth (22%) said it had “no impact” and 9% were unsure.

“There was more equality, but at the same time it turned into unwanted riots,” said one survey respondent, identified as a female Democrat living in Clackamas County.

Oregon Values and Beliefs, a nonprofit polling organization, conducted from June 8-14 the online survey of 1,400 Oregon adults, who were selected to mirror the state’s broader demographics. The margin of error ranges from 1.6% to 2.6% depending on the question.

Let’s dive into the data:

• Nearly half of Republicans (46%) believe the Black Lives Matter cause hurt their community, while one-third of Democrats (32%) said it was for the best. A significant share of Democrats had mixed feelings (38%) on the movement. A plurality (38%) of rural residents said BLM had no impact on their lives.

• Almost half (47%) of those polled think the Black Lives Matter movement’s impact, be it for good or ill, will be long lasting. Twenty percent believe it will only have a fleeting effect, and a third (33%) are unsure. Those identifying as Black, Indigenous or people of color were more likely (27%) than whites (19%) to see the changes as temporary.

• The elderly, defined as those 75 or older, were most likely to say Black Lives Matter had no impact, with 29% holding that opinion. Those who identified as Black, Indigenous or people of color (36%) were significantly more likely than whites (28%) to see the protests as both good and bad.

Voices from across Oregon:

The Oregon Values and Beliefs Center also asked survey respondents open-ended questions regarding their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. Here’s what they had to say:

• “BLM has caused significant decline in racial harmony and harmed the very people it claims to be supporting. Unfortunately, the media is hiding the fact that the BLM organization is an avowed Marxist organization,” said one Washington County man.

• “BLM brings awareness, education and visibility to the communities it touches,” said a Washington County woman.

• “White supremacists have been emboldened, have become more threatening as they wield deadly weapons to intimidate,” said a Clatsop County woman. “Potential mayhem is more likely to ensue.”

• “It has been wonderful to see all races and creeds walk with the BLM demonstrations, actually, heartwarming,” said one Multnomah County man. “Police and other city policies have changed to assist in the underserved communities, including the homeless.”

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(12) comments

Thomas Who

Yeah. Right. Another FAKE NEWS media poll. And Joe Biden got more votes than any president in US history too. This just another example of how the news media mocks and insults the people every day.


It will be interesting to scrutinize the polling to determine how the younger age groups regard BLM; I would suspect it is well regarded.

Interesting how the myth that violence pervaded the thousands of BLM protests nationwide in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder reveals itself in this poll.

Truth be told, in the 7000 plus protests (including several historically large events in Bend):

94% of protests involved no participant arrests, 97.9% involved no participant injuries, 98.6% involved no injuries to police, and 96.7% involved no property damage. (Crowd Counting Consortium data collected from May 2020 to June 2021.)

Some categories of violence, such as attacks on journalists, emerged nearly exclusively from the police ranks.

(Is it my imagination, or is a comment by the inevitable Smedley Doright always accompanied by one or two or more from Skittish? Those two must share a rare convergence of mind.)


You cite an organization that has been identified as a liberal biased group with no credibility. No surprise as 80% of people understand blm has been involved in violence, arson, looting, and police assaults in addition to numerous law violations.


We're back to the original conundrum: Do we place any credibility at all in any organization that publishes facts at variance with our belief systems? CCC has engaged in analysis of participation in large scale events for several years; no one else has tackled a job like this. That so many people blame such outbreaks of violence on BLM is, I think, more a testament to the ability of news organizations such as Newsmax and OAN to spread a particular biased point of view. There I go upholding my sourfes of information; I fear there is very little commonality in how Americans perceive reality.


Now I am looking at data published by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (an NGO whose reports are circulated widely) that indicates 93% of the racial justice protests in the wake of the George Floyd murder were peaceful and nondestructive. Mr. gregb2781, I am open-minded about this; can you furnish studies that indicate otherwise?


BLM are Marxist according to its own founders have repeatedly caused violence & looting and just deny it like Antifa. They promote doing away with family. Look what their ideas would make America like Cuba who wave our flag for freedom as BlM hate the freedom our flag represents. Easy to be a Communist in a free country hard to be one in a Communist one

Funding Secured

'Unfortunately, the media is hiding the fact that the BLM organization is an avowed Marxist organization...'

All time classic. 2.2M references to this allegation online are not enough for one WA county man who also learned of the allegation through a media channel.

Smedley Doright

So only 20% of respondents said it was a positive.

Why does the headline read like a positive?

Agenda pushing, are we?


Tail wagging the dog?

Can a BLM supporter really define what the slogan means? I hear different versions all the time so I tend to think there is no meaning to the slogan. I mean who said black lives don't matter? The answer is no one. Does it imply that black lives matter more than white lives? In context of the Smithsonian poster on "whiteness" it certainly could. Otherwise, why get upset when one points out, as I will here, all lives matter equally? However, those who are narcissistic and entitled don't deserve special treatment. I think BLM is bad for Oregon and apparently so do about half of Oregonians.


I think that the point of BLM movements is to draw attention to the feeling that black lives do not matter. They don't matter to the police, the judicial system, the health care system, politicians...the list goes on. You can say "all lives matter" but the studies show black lives in particular are affected by a disproportionate share of unfairness....and that's putting it mildly. They're just asking to be brought up to the baseline.


Follow Corryeshua on Instagram for the true information about BLM


They may "feel" that their lives do not matter, but I believe this is an inaccurate assessment on their part. If their feelings are inaccurate, this may explain why they are unable to see the opportunities and resources available to them that would help them succeed.

They do not seem to realize the intrinsic problems within their community that lead to their many apparent unfair disparate comparisons to other groups. For example police respond to reports of crime and do not just go down the street arresting people for no reason whatsoever, which is what they claim. Of the videos I have seen where black people are shot, they have always been fighting, but yet blame the police officer. This gives the appearance that they take no responsibility for their actions.

In healthcare, they also have their own prejudice against the system and are less compliant as evidenced by their relative refusal to get the Covid vaccine. They have no reason at all to believe that the Covid vaccine will not work for them except for their own prejudice.

They do not value education as much as every other culture in the industrialized world and thus do not realize that this is one of the primary ways to get ahead economically.

They do not value marriage as much as other cultures and thus raise children in single-family homes making it difficult to accumulate wealth and provide adequate resources for their children to pursue a better future.

They have a relative acceptance of criminal behavior. If they do not address their own cultural issues, the rest of society cannot compensate.

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