Mount Hood ski areas to open

Skiers descend Timberline's Magic Mile, a mile-long run that begins 1,000 vertical feet above the historic lodge in 2017.

After the most recent storm delivered more than 2 feet of snow, the two biggest ski resorts on Mount Hood are set to open on Thanksgiving weekend.

Timberline Lodge will kick its season off Thursday with Bruno’s and Pucci lifts running. Mt. Hood Meadows will open Friday with service on the Buttercup, Easy Rider and Daisy chairlifts, as well as the Ballroom Carpet. Both resorts are sporting some new amenities for the upcoming season.

Timberline reported the slopes have gotten 22 inches of snow over the last 72 hours and 9 fresh inches in the last 24 hours. Since Sunday, Meadows reported 28 inches of new snow, with 24 inches in the last 24 hours, Dave Tragethon, resort spokesman, said Wednesday morning.

“We are grateful for the storm and for our team’s focused efforts to get open,” Tragethon said in a statement. “This snow is uncharacteristically light, so while it’s not the best for base building, with the cold temperatures we’ll have some delightful powdery conditions to enjoy.”

Both resorts cautioned that early-season conditions exist, so skiers and snowboarders will have to watch out for exposed rocks and other hazards. Timberline plans to operate seven days a week for the rest of the season, while Meadows was calling its opening a “preview” weekend, with lifts open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The resort will reevaluate the snow after Sunday to determine if it will remain open for daily operation.

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