St. Charles (copy)

An entrance of St. Charles Bend, one of four hospitals in Central Oregon operated by St. Charles Health System.

Medical providers at St. Charles Medical Group have agreed to work with St. Charles Health System and withdraw their petition before the National Labor Relations Board to form a union.

A letter withdrawing the request to form a union was filed with the NLRB just days ahead of when ballots would be mailed out to members of the medical group. A mail-in election that would have determined if members wanted to be represented by the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO was to begin Thursday and conclude March 23, according to documents on file at the National Labor Relations Board.

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Suzanne Roig has been a reporter with The Bulletin since 2018 covering business and health in the region. When she's not working she enjoys taking her dog Pono out on hikes.

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Hopefully St. Charles will follow through with a more collaborative management style that benefits their employees and customers.

I have owned and managed a business for 25 years. I constantly compare my experiences with experiences of other businesses, large and small, technical and nontechnical. There are a few common management strategies that will ensure success of a business, its owners, and its employees, while providing the best services or products for its customers. They are:

1. There are no unskilled workers. If a worker is unskilled, it is management’s fault.

2. Management’s primary goal should be to develop a good team, as individuals and as a group, for the betterment of the employees and in turn to provide the best services or products to its customers.

3. Seek employees’ opinions on all relevant issues. Employees are the ones working “on the ground” every day and they see directly what works and what doesn’t. Unilateral decisions by management that don’t go well will be mocked by the employees. On the other hand, decisions where employees have a say, but don’t turn out well, are acknowledged by them and alternative solutions are offered to fix things.

4. When employees are constantly invited to be part of the solution, they will confidently offer solutions, they will solve problems, and they will be loyal to the business.

5. If the above things are done, the business will thrive, and profit will take care of itself. In short, effective employees and loyalty always result in the best services or products, and profit is ensured.

Feel free to replace the word “employees” with “team members”, but a name is hollow unless it is true.


After claiming this was purely about concerns of inadequate patient care, it was just about money after all.


True, they are apparently asking for increased wages, but also are negotiating working conditions. Is it impossible to negotiate for both? Is it possible they prioritized working conditions over wages?

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