A Redmond man arrested Friday after an alleged road-rage incident smashed out a vehicle window and broke a woman’s arm with his bare hands, according to the alleged victim.

Jay Allen Barbeau, 49, was arrested Friday at the scene of the alleged attack and taken to St. Charles Bend for injuries to his hand caused by allegedly punching out the back windows of a 2015 Kia Soul. Police say Barbeau attacked the two women in the car after they pulled in front of him in traffic.

Monday afternoon, Barbeau remained in the Deschutes County jail pending arraignment on charges of reckless driving, first-degree criminal mischief, fourth-degree assault and three counts of second-degree assault. No bond amount had been set.

He’s scheduled to be arraigned June 11 in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

The driver, Megan Stackhouse, had surgery Monday to repair a broken arm bone and install a steel plate. She’ll have to wear a cast for at least eight weeks and will likely miss several weeks of work, she told The Bulletin.

Her wife, Lucinda Mann, the passenger in the vehicle, suffered a concussion and neck injury and lost consciousness as a result of being thrown to the ground, Stackhouse said.

Bend Police had initially misreported that Mann was the driver of the vehicle.

According to Stackhouse, at around 8 p.m. Friday, she and Mann were leaving Avid Cider’s annual carnival in Bend in her car.

“It was a madhouse down there,” she said. “We kind of just wanted to get out of there.”

While attempting to join traffic on Bond Street, a man driving a large truck became visibly upset when Stackhouse tried to “squeeze” in front of him, she said. She did pull in front, and the man gunned his engine, flashed his headlights and flipped off Stackhouse as they drove the next few blocks, she said.

At Industrial Way, Stackhouse said she pulled over to let Barbeau pass. But instead, he got out of his truck and started walking toward Stackhouse’s car, which caused her to drive on.

Barbeau then caught back up to Stackhouse, she said, and drove so close she believed he would hit her car. She pulled over again, at Reed Market Road, to again allow Barbeau to get around her.

This time he got out and broke out the rear window of the Soul with his bare hands, Stackhouse said. The driver’s window was down, but Stackhouse locked her door. Barbeau grabbed her through the open window, twisting her arm and breaking it, and punching her several times in the head, Stackhouse said.

At this point, Mann got out and came to Stackhouse’s aid, but Barbeau threw her to the ground, where she lay for several minutes, she said.

Barbeau is listed in court documents as 5-foot-8 and 245 pounds.

A Bend Police news release states he was attempting to flee the scene as police were responding.

Barbeau has no criminal convictions in Oregon. District Attorney John Hummel said a more extensive, national background check has yet to be completed.

Stackhouse, a lifelong Bend resident, said she and her wife spent the past several days recovering.

“We’ve basically been asleep,” she said.

— Reporter: 541-383-0325, gandrews@bendbulletin.com

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