DA drops 5 of 7 charges against man punched by Redmond police


Redmond police officers punched, used a Taser on and arrested a man Wednesday who refused to talk to them about his unleashed dog and then resisted arrest, police said.

The Redmond Police Department is reviewing how the two officers handled the arrest of the 25-year-old Redmond man, Darian Belles, at Sam Johnson Park pavilion. One of the officers, Bryan Holman, was cleared last week in another recent use of force investigation involving a scuffle with two suspects who were being arrested.

About 3:55 p.m. Wednesday, Holman recognized Belles as an alleged suspect involved in selling drugs at Sam Johnson Park, according to Redmond Lt. Curtis Chambers.

Holman noticed Belles’ unleashed dog, which is against park rules. When Holman and officer Chris Wooten went to talk with Belles about the dog, Belles reportedly said he was not going to talk with the officer, Chambers said.

The officers warned Belles he needed to talk or he would be arrested. The officers then decided to arrest Belles for interfering with a peace officer.

Belles allegedly resisted arrest, and Wooten placed him on the ground. Wooten used a Taser in an effort take Belles into custody.

Belles reportedly continued to resist arrest and tried to grab the Taser from Wooten, Chambers said.

Holman responded by striking Belles in the head with a closed fist twice, ending Belles’ attempt to take control of the Taser, Chambers said.

Redmond Police command staff reviews all use of force incidents to ensure the response was lawful and within the department’s policy. Information from the review will be sent to the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office for further review and a decision on whether to charge the officers.

Holman and Wooten were not injured in the incident and have returned to work. Both officers had body cameras on and recorded the incident. The body camera footage is not yet being released.

Holman has worked for Redmond Police since January 2018, after serving about two years as a Warm Springs Officer.

Wooten joined Redmond Police in May 2014, after serving about seven years as a police officer in Arizona.

Belles was arrested on three counts of interfering with a peace officer, three counts of resisting arrest, second-degree disorderly conduct, attempt to assault a public safety officer, second-degree attempted unlawful use of a stun gun and third-degree criminal mischief.

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