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Prosecutors in the homicide trial of Ian Cranston want to exclude evidence they say could unfairly portray shooting victim Barry Washington Jr. in “a poor light,” including synced videos of the incident, an account of his behavior with Bend Police and a California conviction for eluding a police chase at speeds of up to 100 mph.

Cranston’s defense says that the evidence, which is scheduled to be discussed at a hearing Thursday in Deschutes County Circuit Court, is relevant and helps lay out the facts of the case.

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Cranston shot an unarmed man on a public street. That is the truth. There needs to be consequences...


Oh, don't forget to add "the facts" that Washington threw the first punches. Washington started the physical fight. Regardless of what was said, he threw punches.


jlsrunner, you think “who threw the first punch” is a compelling argument for murder?


“ and suggests Cranston was justified in defending himself.” Cranston didn’t just defend himself… he murdered the guy… cuz he had a gun handy.


Washington threw punches first. Don't forget that fact. Did he deserve to be shot and killed, they will determine that. But, facts are that Washington could have walked away and he would be alive. Cranston would have walked away and he wouldn't be up for murder. Both sides had opportunities to walk away.


Looks like the DA fears the truth. This guy never belonged in jail. He will be acquitted. Whether at trial, if the kangaroo court does not exclude relevant evidence, or following appeal, if it does.

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