The 6th green at Tetherow Golf Club, seen in 2014. Tetherow is one of a handful of destination resorts in Deschutes County. 

A public hearing about changes to Deschutes County’s destination resort rules evoked some controversy, partially to do with the proposed rule changes, and partially due to one commissioner’s potential conflicts of interest.

The county’s planning commission, a citizen advisory committee that makes recommendations to the Deschutes County Commission, is in the process of weighing whether to change rules in the county code that would limit new destination resorts within 24 air miles of Bend.

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Anna Kaminski is a city and county government reporter with The Bulletin. Previously, she was a reporter in Eugene, but she began her career in journalism as a teenager in her Midwestern hometown. 

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Cyrus is biased. Without. A. Doubt. Ingrained good old boys backslapping other good old boys. It will only change when voters (and ethics committees) make the change. There is no trust that people will do the right thing anymore. It's all about profit.


The Cyruses have been putting themselves on boards and committees for two decades to ensure they get preferential treatment and can steer decisions to their benefit. The County Commissioners know this and continue to give them positions. Matt Cyrus should not be on the water committee when his family pulls 18,000 gallons a minute out of the aquifer. This article shows exactly how honest this family is. First he admits to the conflict of interest, then denies it. In the same paragraph. It's time for Deschutes County to get over its preferential treatment of this family.

Long and Variable

'said Stephanie Marshall, the assistant legal counsel for Deschutes County'

Hope they city is paying attention. We need an opinion from our GC on this, and if it would cause any problems for the county at all, submit an ethics complaint to ORDOJ. Sending out an assistant counsel on this is like chumming the water. No one at county wants to deal with problems created by Cyrus land deals. Sharp elbows folks.

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