Parents sue for up to $10 million after bizarre double shooting

An investigator enters a home at the scene of a shooting in the 20000 block of NE Sierra Drive on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. (Ryan Brennecke/Bulletin photo)

Just over a month after Bend resident Tyler Herrick shot and killed his neighbor Kyle Adams in his own home before being shot and killed himself, Adams’ family is suing Herrick’s estate for up to $10 million in economic and emotional damages.

In a wrongful death suit filed Wednesday in Deschutes County Circuit Court, Suzanne Adams, the mother and legal representative of Kyle Adams, is seeking up to $3 million from Herrick’s estate for noneconomic damages related to Adams’ death, along with up to $30,000 related to medical, memorial and funeral expenses related to the incident, plus fees and interest. The final number will be determined at trial, according to the suit.

At around 12:30 a.m. on Oct.20, Herrick, a tech professional who had no criminal history, entered Adams’ home at 20774 NE Sierra Drive.

He woke Adams by walking into his bedroom with an AR-15 and speaking “unintelligible gibberish,” according to The Bulletin’s archives.

Adams demanded that Herrick leave, which he eventually did, before texting his roommate, Brennan Pebbles.

The first reports of gunfire came in just after 1:20 a.m. Pebbles, who left a shift as a bartender at 10 Barrel Brewing, was discussing the break-in with Adams when a bullet flew through the front window, striking Adams in the face, as documented The Bulletin’s archives.

Pebbles ran upstairs to grab a handgun as more gunfire rang through the house. Pebbles ultimately shot and killed the intruder as he roamed through the house, hunting for Pebbles.

The incident has prompted questions about Herrick’s motive and mental stability.

Blood testing from Herrick’s body could indicate whether a drug such as bath salts contributed to the incident, as reported by The Bulletin.

The lawsuit alleges intoxicants or controlled substances may have played a role in the shooting. The complaint further alleges Herrick was negligent in not securing the AR-15 used in the shooting while consuming intoxicants or controlled substances, adding that he “negligently, recklessly or intentionally” discharged the gun in a neighbor’s home, resulting in Adams’ death.

The suit notes that Adams suffered fear in the moments leading up to his death, as well as pain and suffering immediately prior to his death.

George Derr, Suzanne Adams’ attorney, declined to comment on the suit, citing pending litigation and a high volume of calls related to the case.

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