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PMG FILE PHOTO - The Oregon Supreme Court.

Oregon’s new legislative districts that Democratic lawmakers passed earlier this fall are here to stay, after the state Supreme Court on Monday dismissed two challenges filed by Republicans.

Majority Democrats passed the districts in a September special session without a single Republican vote. Still, the 90 new House and Senate districts will protect many Republican incumbents as well as Democrats, and Republican legislators did not object as strenuously to these maps as they did to Democrats’ congressional map that would likely add another Oregon Democrat to congress.

The state Supreme Court was the only venue where Oregonians could challenge the new districts, because the U.S. Supreme Court in 2019 ruled that political gerrymandering is an issue that should be left to the states. That rules out review by the federal courts.

The new legislative districts will likely allow Democrats to maintain their supermajorities in the state House and Senate and even expand their power, particularly in the Senate, according to an analysis by The Oregonian/OregonLive. However, the districts on balance are fairly representative of Oregonians’ voting patterns.

In petitions challenging the maps, Republicans alleged that Democratic lawmakers drew districts for partisan political gain and to help incumbents.

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The Bulletin has a left leaning slant in almost every article. Clearly biased. Garbage journalism


Bwahahahaha. This is an article with an Oregonian byline reporting a factual event. More like a garbage comment from you.

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