Homeless camp removal

Gregg Lelacheur sits under the overpass as an ODOT crew removes his campsite Monday from a houseless community at Revere Avenue and U.S. Highway 97 in Bend. 

Contractors for the Oregon Department of Transportation cleared several camps near the Bend Parkway and Revere Avenue on Monday. 

Since last week, ODOT has been clearing multiple homeless camps on its properties near U.S. Highway 97. The agency has cited safety concerns for the campers as the reason why, with the main concern being debris from snow plowing hitting homeless people camped alongside the highway. 

Activists and homeless advocates have criticized the actions, given that there is not enough shelters in town to house dozens of campers who are now displaced.

In total, roughly three- to four-dozen camps of people will be displaced, according to initial estimates from ODOT spokesperson Peter Murphy. 

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Early last week I saw several people around 3rd St and Franklin who looked to be in really bad shape - severely emaciated, matted hair, and moving erratically. It seemed safe to assume they were suddenly visible because their homes were destroyed. These folks seemed so unable to meet their own most basic needs. Perhaps their neighbors in the homeless camp were getting them food, water, a warm blanket etc.


Great job!! Please clear out the camp on the 3rd ave. exit next.


Thank you ODOT!!!

Sandra T

Thank you ODOT!!! Your efforts to keep Bend clean and safe for EVERYONE is truly impressive. I drove by Revere yesterday and was amazed how hard you all are working. It must be a little nerve racking, but know that I appreciate all you do.

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