Homeless plan

Tents line the sidewalk as people gather along Second Street in Bend in January. 

Under a proposed change to Bend’s city code, homeless campers would not be allowed near the Deschutes River, in residential areas or within several hundred feet of schools and parks, after lengthy discussions by the City Council Wednesday.

Councilors agreed that banning camping in residential areas and near the river made sense as public safety was their main priority.

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"Councilors Megan Perkins and Mo Mitchell felt that banning campers from schools perpetuated the notion that those experiencing homelessness are inherently dangerous."

Sadly such a notion is not completely unreasonable. I know several people who have been assaulted as they were walking by homeless camps; I know comparatively few people who have been assaulted in other situations. A small sample size, but certainly important to consider.

Are Councilors Perkins and Mitchell willing to potentially risk the health and safety of children to prove their point?


Yes, Councilor Perkins and Mitchell are more comfortable with UN-managed camps being near schools. And UN-comfortable with the perceived impact on the potential “feelings” of a homeless person. Mayor Goodman-Campbell states no buffer is needed near schools, just don’t allow UN-managed camps to block rights-of-way such as the driveway to drop your kids off at school.

The irony is that, although most of the Councilors don’t want to allow UN-managed camps in residential zones…well news flash!


The Councilors’ position is either trickery or manipulation to mis-lead folks into thinking that residential zones will be protected by camping codes. Or utter incompetency! As a matter of fact, public school buses pick up children from the forest, parks, other random areas to get the homeless children to school. So NO excuse for them to say, we need to make sure homeless kids get to school.

The Bend City Council are more concerned about protecting:

-Water, not your children and school staff at schools

-City Hall, not your children and the general community at parks

-potentially hurting a homeless person’s feelings with an implied label, not your homes and neighborhoods

-homeless shelters (un-housed and shelter staff), not the housed folks who live near schools and parks

Watch from 1hr 19 minutes to 1hr 29 minutes.

-1hr 19 min, Perkins wants to allow

-1hr 22 min, Mitchell would “love” UN-managed camps in parks and fine with them being near schools

-1hr 27 min, Mayor Goodman-Campbell, no buffers near schools, only disallow school rights-of-ways. Acknowledges most schools and parks are in residential zones

August 3rd, Bend City Council meeting



The one counselor that said these people exist and it would be punishment to say these people? This is exactly why liberals need to stop running any towns city or government in the country, no common sense as far as I’m concerned you should round them all up and send them outside of the city limits somewhere, they should not be allowed to be camping in our city limits unless it’s an actual campground!!

You know, you actually pay to camp out for the night, and they have crew that clean up the area keep it nice and tidy.

We have a vagrancy problem, and the city Council and law-enforcement are allowing this, it’s really pathetic, they did a survey, 40% of the homeless do not want help, they do not want a job, they just wanna be left alone to do whatever they want, when they want, how they want, where they want. The tolerance and sympathetic card has wore itself out, the citizens of Bend are sick of it round them up ship them out to the city limits and tell them to beat it!!! Tell them they’re not wanted here unless they have an actual resident, they have an actual job, they actually contribute to the city, if not ship them out of town, I don’t care where, and neither should you!! they have become a nuisance and an eyesore.

Look, you have freedom of Will, freedom of choice to do whatever you want, but if you wanna be a bum that’s up to you and I’m tired of the mental illness card also, Do you know why we have mental illness, they legalized hard-core drug use in this state, people are getting jacked up now even our teenagers are, Homeless are getting younger and younger all the time, once you get hooked on drugs, last thing you want to do is go to work make a living and be a normal part of society, but this is Oregon‘s fault, this is liberal leaderships fault, you reap what you sow

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