Sierra Pacific Industries is owned by Archie Aldis "Red" Emmerson, 93, shown here on the cover of The Land Report. The company's total land holdings are 2.3 million acres in California, Washington and Oregon, according Realtors' Land Institute, an industry group based in Chicago.

A California timber baron who is the nation’s largest landowner has jumped into Oregon politics with big contributions to campaigns seeking to wrest control of state government from Democrats.

Sierra Pacific Industries contributed $200,000 on April 4 to Betsy Johnson, the former Democratic state senator from Scappoose, who is running as an unaffiliated candidate for governor. It’s the third largest single contribution that makes up the more than $6.2 million Johnson has raised since the beginning of January 2021.

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David Ewing

Get rid of Citizens United and make all elections publicly financed. Unfortunately for the timber baron, he can throw all the money he wants at Republicans but that does not mean he won't get a QAnon candidate who is sure to fail. Back in 2020, the Republicans ran an acknowledged Q in the name of Jo Rae Perkins for Merkley's US Senate seat. She received over 900,000 votes but still lost by a large margin. Until the party says no to conspiracy candidates, no amount of money is going to help...


The last thing we need is an Uber rich timber baron whose on deaths doorstep putting a final dagger in the heart of Oregon. Our entire region has been over developed, over logged, over sold and these self centered barons could care less.


Ok ok, we get it! Rich timber barons support other rich timber baron for Governor.

Transitory Inflation

More land than the Mormons? For real?

Smedley Doright

People complaining about this won't care that current governor took money from out of state people? Her TOP 3 DONORS were not from Oregon, but were PACs.


No PACs are good I don't care who they're donating to. They corrupt the political process (even more than it already is/was)


The last thing Oregon needs is a 93 year old timber baron influencing state politics. I had hope for Betsy Johnson running a unique and bipartisan campaign but most of her donations seem to be from Republicans. We'll see how it shakes out in the election.

Thomas Who

That certainly is welcome news. It's good to see someone investing heavily in taking back political control from the public employee's labor unions and the one-party government which they operate, and returning it to the taxpayers and citizens of Oregon. And hopefully Washington and California too.


Welcome news for rightwingers who need to buy votes to win. Bad news for democracy. Not that Rightwingers care much about that.


So you'd rather give control to someone who seeks to own (and develop - see Tahoe) beautiful lands. He's a land baron with no interest in preserving public lands....he'd rather own them all. That makes very little sense "one party government" becomes one family's government. No thanks. PAC's should be outlawed.


PACs like unions should be illegal.

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