If initial results hold, Democrats’ winning streak in Bend elections will continue.

All four Democrat-endorsed Bend-La Pine School Board candidates — incumbent Carrie McPherson Douglass and newcomers Marcus LeGrand, Janet Sarai Llerandi and Shirley Olson — held commanding leads over their Republican-endorsed opponents in early, unofficial election results Tuesday night.

School board races are nominally nonpartisan, but this year’s Bend-La Pine School Board races were more politically charged than ever before.

McPherson Douglass, with nearly 70% of the vote, appeared to defeat challenger Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer, who had about 30% of the vote, in early results Tuesday night.

“I’m excited to go back to work and focus on making up for lost learning and the mental health needs of our students,” said McPherson Douglass.

LeGrand, with about 65% of the vote, also appeared to beat his challenger, Wendy Imel, who had about 35% of the vote in early results.

Olson held about 66% of the vote, seemingly defeating Gregg Henton, who had about 34% of the vote in early results.

The closest race was between Llerandi and Jon Haffner. But Llerandi still held a strong lead in early returns Tuesday night, with nearly 60% of the vote compared to about 38% for Haffner.

Llerandi said she was excited to join the school board and get up to speed.

“Thank you to all the voters; thank you for believing in me and for voting for transparency, honesty and the kids,” she said.

LeGrand shied away from declaring victory after the initial results dropped.

“I just want things to be finalized completely,” he said. “But I’m still hopeful.”

Olson felt similarly.

“I’m looking good, and I feel good about that,” she said. “But no final response until every vote’s counted.”

The two competing slates of candidates were each supported by a separate political action committee. However, the PAC that supported Republican-endorsed candidates spent much more money.

“I think tonight’s results show that our community demonstrated it’s not money, but voters, who decide elections,” said McPherson Douglass.

The Republican-backed candidates had extremely minimal, or no, contact with local media and refused to participate in the local nonpartisan candidate forum. However, they did chat with nonlocal conservative pundits, including Lars Larson and multiple Fox News commentators.

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Smedley Doright

Bulletin, I'm disappointed. In November, you trumpeted that Bend had elected the most diverse city council ever, comprising 6 biological females and one biological male. Why don't you run the same headline? I guess we already had that same school board, 6 female and one male, but now were are even MORE better diverse. Come on, be proud of what we've done. There is not a white male on either the council OR the school board now.


Glad to see the gang of four defeated. I was curious how many secretive meetings they might have held had they been elected. No talking with the local press, on the air media, civic groups leads to no seats at the table which speaks volumes about our voting community. Glad to see the Bulletin made some ad bucks off them.

Thomas Who

Big win for Teacher's and Public Employees unions, the money laundering operation for the Democrat party. No doubt we'll be seeing a much bigger Black Lives Matter presence here in Bend. That is, until the unions are banned from making political contributions on the grounds of it being a conflict of interest.


That $500 from teachers, vs $100K from these guys?

Filer Contributor/Payee Amount

United 4 Education Roger Langeliers 20000

United 4 Education Dauenhauer Living Trust 15000

United 4 Education Tarek Atassi 6500

United 4 Education John Weisner 5000

United 4 Education Hayden Watson 5000

United 4 Education Daniel Pahlisch 5000

United 4 Education Rachel Freed 4630

United 4 Education Jonna Pahlisch 4000

United 4 Education Jay Schofhauser 4000

United 4 Education Patricia Atassi 3500

United 4 Education Melissa Cutter 2500

United 4 Education Jonathan Songey 2000

United 4 Education 1414Bros. LLC 2000

United 4 Education Jeremiah Bohannon 2000

United 4 Education Chad Hughes 1000

United 4 Education Dr. Bogdan Dziurzynski 1000

United 4 Education Terry Johnson 1000

United 4 Education David Guarraia 1000

United 4 Education Ted Mischkot 1000

United 4 Education The Loft of Bend 1000

Smedley Doright

Now we know who the racists are, right? If you support a racist, you are one, too. Don't buy from these guys businesses or you support racists.


The accusation of racist is used quite loosely these days by those who wish harm on whom they disagree with. I would guess such individuals are the ones with the real prejudice.


To be fair and transparent, why don't you also publish your name, address and contact info? Then we can put this list into context of your intentions.


Thomas Who, pay attention now. Go to Orestar and see who contributed to the Republican Gang of Four. Big corporations. The opposite end of the same continuum.


So, if the unions are banned from making political contributions, wouldn't that mean that corporations should be banned from the same? Citizens United should apply to both I would think. I believe that falls under freedom of speech.

Now on the money laundering accusation, please provide some sources. It's bad enough the previous White House inhabitant had lots of shady dealings otherwise why did he have to pay a settlement for his defunct university and shut down his charity. But now teachers and PE folks. Yikes.


LeGrand and Olson are wise to wait for more votes to be counted. It certainly appears they will win, but the overnight vote often tightens the margins. In close races in Bend there have been candidates that led early and lost in the end. No harm in waiting before declaring victory. It demonstrates humility if nothing else.


Pleased with the results. I'm sure the candidates who lost would've been about educating your children on how to stage an insurrection, promote lies, and deny science.


Agree. Bend retail politics once again prevails against big outside money, think tank generated propaganda, and (if I may say so) stir-crazy candidates.


Actually, the student would have been schooled in STEM, personal responsibility and and the Greatness of the American Experiment. Warts and All.

But please, continue to educate your children in self loathing, determining a child's worth solely by the color of their skin rather than their ability to achieve and self reliance rather than dependence.


Yes, the Greatness of America experiment on 1/6 was wonderful wasn't it. As to personal responsibility, that starts at home and we saw little of it the previous four years from herr trump and currently from the folks in Congress with their noses up his, well, I think you know.

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