Bulletin Staff Report

After saturating the field of marijuana growers with inspectors this fall, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission announced Monday that most operations are in compliance with regulations.

“Operation Good Harvest” focused on outdoor growers in Southern Oregon but included the Bend, Eugene, Portland and Salem areas as well, the OLCC stated in a press release. Teams were in the field from September to early November and conducted 354 inspections. Seventy-three percent of outdoor producer licenses statewide had no deficiencies or potential violations. Of the 95 licensees with discrepancies, 41 could lose their licenses.

In the Bend area, the OLCC conducted 11 inspections and found five licensees with deficiencies for a compliance rate of 55 percent, the OLCC stated. Two of the licensees could face cancellation.

The agency’s policy and process division will determine whether to file charges against licensees after inspectors complete their investigations.