Bulletin staff report

All five recreational marijuana retailers in Central Oregon passed a second underage decoy operation by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission in December, according to an agency news release Wednesday.

According to the OLCC, 81 percent of 66 licensed retailers tested between Dec. 21 and Dec. 28 succeeded in checking the ID of a volunteer decoy under age 21.

Retailers in Oregon did not fare as well as those in Central Oregon, which scored 100 percent compliance. Three of 19 retailers in the Eugene-Springfield area failed the sting, giving that area the next highest compliance rate, 84 percent. Four of seven licensed pot retailers in Portland failed the test for a compliance rate of 43 percent of shops tested, the lowest rate.

In the Keizer-Salem area, five retailers failed the test out of 23, a compliance rate of 78 percent. In Southern Oregon, four shops failed of 12 checked, a compliance rate of 67 percent.

Five retailers, three in Madras and two in Bend, passed the decoy operation by checking the ID of a volunteer under age 21 and refusing entry or sales. Another 20 dispensaries passed a decoy operation Dec. 19 in Bend and La Pine.

“These overall results are unacceptable,” the OLCC quoted Executive Director Steve Marks as saying. “One of the basic tenets of Measure 91 is the protection of children by discouraging their use of marijuana.”

All retailers can expect a minor decoy check once a year, said Mark Pettinger, OLCC spokesman. Those that fail a check will be tested more often, he said.