Bulletin staff report

Retail dispensaries in Bend and La Pine passed the first-ever marijuana minor-decoy operation by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

OLCC inspectors on Tuesday checked 20 retail dispensaries in the two cities, according to an OLCC news release Wednesday. Inspectors check that retailers are complying with state laws that prohibit minors from entering the stores by attempting to send a minor volunteer inside.

The 20 licensed retailers tested in Central Oregon refused “100 percent” to serve minors, a sign “that this segment of our regulated industry understands the importance of compliance,” the OLCC quoted Executive Director Steve Marks as saying.

OLCC inspectors supervise the volunteers, who carry their own legal ID that identifies them as under 21. They do not disguise their age or lie to encourage the sale of marijuana, according to the release.

Sale of marijuana products to anyone under age 21 as a first offense could result in a 10-30 day license suspension, or a fine of $1,650. Failure to check a customer’s identification before the attempted purchase could result in a seven-day license suspension or a fine of more than $1,100.

The OLCC tests licensed marijuana businesses throughout the year, with each licensed retailer receiving a minimum of one visit per year.