A Bend software startup is one of 18 companies that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and its software vendor Metrc have approved for integration with the state’s cannabis tracking system.

CannaFo.com" class="auto" target="_blank">class="Toolbox_inset">CannaFo.com of Bend is one of eight companies recently added to the list, the OLCC announced Thursday. The approved vendors may provide software that works with the tracking system to provide support services.

For example, CannaFo recently launched a preorder service that allows consumers to place online orders with marijuana dispensaries for pickup later. Now that CannaFo is integrated with Metrc, any inventory updates a retailer makes in the state system will be automatically reflected on the CannaFo site, lead engineer Josh Pardee said. So if a dispensary runs out of a certain strain, that will be reflected on its preorder site at CannaFo.com. Likewise, when new product comes in the door, shortly after it’s scanned into the state tracking system, it will be reflected on the store’s CannaFo.com page, he said.

Recreational-marijuana licensees are required to enter inventory data into the state system created by Metrc, and the ancillary software products could make the process more convenient, the OLCC said in a news release. The OLCC is not endorsing any software products.

Other recently approved software providers include ENT of Portland, Fry Information Services of Eugene, OptiLeaf of Wichita, Kansas, Proteus Business Solutions of Vista, California, Todd Runstein of Portland, Confident Cannabis of Palo Alto, California, and Guardian Data Systems of Vancouver, Washington.

— Bulletin staff report