Man seeks $2.1M from Bend therapist for inappropriate conduct

Deschutes County Courthouse and Justice Center (Dean Guernsey/Bulletin file photo)

A Deschutes County man has filed a medical malpractice suit against his former therapist for allegedly attempting to initiate a sexual relationship after he sought treatment for PTSD.

Logan Rivers is seeking $2.1 million from East Cascade Counseling Services for malpractice, negligence and other claims, according to a lawsuit filed Aug. 30 in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

The Bulletin doesn’t typically identify alleged victims of sexual harassment or abuse in criminal cases; however, Rivers’ suit alleges professional malpractice on the part of his former counselor, Emily Wainscoat.

Rivers began attending sessions with Wainscoat in August 2017 when he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder, according to the lawsuit.

“Beginning during September or October of 2017, defendant began to engage in conduct that was inappropriate in the professional counseling relationship and breached the applicable standard of care,” the lawsuit states.

This alleged misconduct involved attempts by Wainscoat to develop a personal friendship with Rivers outside the traditional scope of the counselor-patient relationship. By mid-October, after he shared with her his history of trauma, Wainscoat attempted to groom him for a sexual relationship, the lawsuit states.

Several weeks after their first session, Rivers and Wainscoat started sharing music recommendations. She texted him a link to a song on YouTube and later an iTunes playlist, the lawsuit states.

“This mix is a bit messy … such is life though, right?” she texted. “I hope I managed to at least touch your salivary glands (I’m trying to keep it clean here).”

Two days later, Wainscoat sent Rivers a florid 280-word text message, reading, in part:

“I am just like those cob webs you spoke of, glistening and listening, attuned to every vibration outside myself, you are without a speck of doubt the source of my power that I have some how managed to walk this life so far without, until now,” she wrote to him. “It’s in your presence and eyes that I feel the truth, I’m not sure if I have ever spoken to anyone this way, I’m almost certain I haven’t. I do give myself this way to others.

“I understand the boundaries that have been broken here and the ethical codes that have been compromised.”

After receiving this text, Rivers canceled his next appointment with Wainscoat and told her he wished to “disengage,” the lawsuit states.

Rivers eventually agreed to a final meeting with Wainscoat but on the night before the appointment, she sent him a series of “increasingly suggestive” text messages.

Rivers canceled the meeting but says Wainscoat refused to leave him alone, telling him in texts and emails that she had been acting “motherly” and that the “full moon” had controlled her “adolescent self.”

After finding a new therapist, Rivers’ symptoms worsened and his mental health deteriorated, according to the lawsuit filed by Bend attorney Wayne Hawn.

The suit seeks damages for malpractice for Wainscoat failing to maintain professional boundaries, failing to advance the interests of her patient and failing to terminate the counseling relationship when requested by Rivers.

East Cascade Counseling, which did not return a message seeking comment, has yet to be served with the suit.

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Editor’s note: This article has been corrected. The original version misstated Logan Rivers’ last name. The Bulletin regrets the error.

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