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A 42-year-old Bend man is facing charges of murder and manslaughter in Crook County after a Powell Butte man was shot and killed on Sunday.

Russell Votruba has been accused by Crook County District Attorney Kari Hathorn in the killing of Christopher Hoffman, 41, of Powell Butte, according to court records filed in the Crook County Circuit Court on Monday.

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Bryce Dole is a crime and public safety reporter with The Bulletin. He previously worked as a reporter with the East Oregonian. He grew up in Grants Pass and has lived in Oregon all his life.

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Too bad your liberal opinion doesn't matter, Karen.


For all those reading this, recognize this person is a repeat offendor who is committing crimes just owning a handgun. This person does not follow the law. He should have been retained or otherwise separated from society long ago.

The fact that this person is out causing damage is why millions of law abiding citizens are figuring out how to buy and use a gun. Millions of bad outcomes are avoided when people are protected.

Meanwhile you have millions of criminals coming across the border, accelerating this week. Think this is not so? Ha. The Police can only do so much.

Stew Peters went over the invasion last night on his show. All TRUTH.

If you do not retain criminals you get crime. This is obvious to many people in the country but apparently not to many who have seen all the cities go to heck for decades. Common Sense no long common.


Poor uneducated libaral.. you're also part of the problem.

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