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Election workers process ballots at the Deschutes Services Building in Bend on Election Day in 2020.

Deschutes and 11 other Oregon counties, along with Secretary of State Shemia Fagan, have been named as defendants in a federal lawsuit concerned with election security.

The 13 plaintiffs in the case, who are driven by the disproven theory that the 2020 election was stolen, say the counties and Fagan fueled “a profound crisis of confidence that constitutes de facto voter suppression and disenfranchisement,” in a suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Portland.

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They have been filing records requests that ask for images of every ballot cast in previous elections. That’s the ballgame, if you can plant doubt about our institutions in enough susceptible minds.


I am one of the unlucky people who happen to live in Dennis Linthicum’s district. I signed up to get his newsletter years ago. He is so full of BS that I sincerely had wished I would no longer be linked in any way to him after the district lines were redrawn. Between him and Werner Reschke I have zero representation in Salem. Oregon has by far the best voting system in the US. I wish everyone had as secure a voting system as we do.


Dennis Lithicum and the Trumpers are not necessarily interested in finding and prosecuting voter fraud. That’s not a winning strategy. They are interested in creating doubt and causing delay. That is a winning strategy.


Good to have this detail about how ballots aren’t handled in Deschutes. Without evidence of fraud presented these plaintiffs have no case for any relief in court. The article headline is an unintelligible mess fyi.


Agree about the headline - what a mess!


Everyone is invited to the “Trump Spaghetti Fest” hosted by Dennis who will bring imaging equipment to record multiple images of things we don’t understand and prove things that can’t be proven. These images will then be used to disprove the obvious and confirm the absurd. These absurdities will be used to deny the truth and reject the decent. Indecency will be used to attract the criminal and they will be used to reelect the vilest human ever known back to the White House, Donald Trump. Just because you are invited does not mean it’s in your best interest or any other decent human being. Evil can be intoxicating but never good.

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