LaQuita Stec

LaQuita Stec, 76, was removed from her position as Crook County Library Board chair this week by members of the County Court.

LaQuita Stec, the Crook County Library Board chair who publicly accused a fellow board member of sowing seeds of hate in the community, was removed from her position during a Crook County Court meeting Wednesday morning.

The three commissioners voted unanimously to remove Stec, considering her comments about board member Cheyenne Edgerly during a March 9 board meeting unprofessional.

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Noemi Arellano-Summer is schools, youth, and families reporter at the Bulletin. She previously reported on homelessness and the 2020 eviction moratorium with the Howard Center of Investigative Journalism through Boston University. She was raised in Long Beach, California, where she started her journalism career reporting for her high school newspaper. In her free time, she can be found meandering through a bookstore or writing short stories.

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In the real world firing a whistleblower is an action of retaliation.

Long and Variable

' if Stec had delivered different content with the same tone, the commissioners would have had the same response.'

LOL. The biggest snowflakes live in rube-istan, I kid you not.


Nothing says, “woke” quite like exposing innocent children to homosexual pornography , except maybe snuffing the life of babies in the womb up to nine months for any reason. The views of the enlightened are truly remarkable.


Well, that was original. Did you cut and paste it from OAN, Fox, NEWSMAX comments? I'll bet you don't have children, which probably means no partner.


I learned about Oregon’s Abortions laws from reading the Bend Bulletin and visited the Crook County Library to view their lgbtq selection which included books describing sales sex oral sex. I did not need a third party opinion to understand that late term Abortions for any reason and exposing innocent children to pornography is abhorrent. BTW, I am married to same woman for forty years and my kids are on their own raising their own families. They are happy and well adjusted and not depending on handouts from any entity for their survival.


A tale two comments IP. You come down hard with the first and show some enlightenment as it were on the second.

I've been married for almost 40 years also, with a son who's done well in school and has a good job at 32. We weren't his "friend" but we're guiding parents versus what seems to be a crop of folks who want to have parental rights but require the government to go after those miscreants who teach and are librarians. You have your opinions on abortion and LBGTQ (been around for millenia) so do I. I'll stand by my first statement though because of your first.


What's a librarian to do when a significant portion of the population gets their news from a cable channel that openly admits lying to their viewers, in order to maintain ratings, rather than telling their viewers the truth, and risk losing viewers, because their viewers would prefer to hear lies that please them than truths which may cause them to re-evaluate their beliefs?


"Stec said she will likely follow up with the county regarding public notice requirements and amended agendas, especially since she noted the order to remove her was added after the agenda had already closed."

Please do, Ms. Stec.

Along those lines I would like to see someone follow up on the Deschutes County Commission's violation of open meeting requirements when they failed to include in their agenda notice of their Mar. 8 vote to pull out of the agreement that would have given us a process by which a facility could be readied for medically fragile people from Hunnell Road.

This is how that vote appeared on their agenda:

Multi-Agency Coordination (MAC) Update

Safe Parking Support Services Update


Ms. Stec, thank you for your courage in opposing a particularly vicious and bullying example of hate. So sorry it is making an appearance in our beautiful neighboring county.


To your second point (DCC failure to include an agenda item), I argue that “Safe Parking Support Services Update” was the most accurate and legalistic description of what was actually on offer for the South 97 camp.

In public reporting, the liberal use of “managed camp” and “supported camp” implied far more resident oversight than was intended. Per the City’s Safe Parking Code, there only need be 1) a parking lot or graveled area and 2) access to sanitation, including bathroom, hand washing, and trash disposal facilities. That’s it.


We are living in scary times. I applaud Stec and anyone willing to stand up to the haters. #leavebooksalone


Scary stuff going on in Prineville.


If books indeed are being removed or segregated, then I fully support Ms Stec. This suppression of anyone “different” must stop!


Well, I suppose we'll see if Stec was right if we see the Crook County Library go the way of what's going on in Idaho, Florida, Arizona, etc

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