Ian Mackenzie Cranston was found not guilty of second-degree murder but guilty of first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of Barry Washington Jr., an unarmed Black man, in downtown Bend last year.

A 12-person jury in Deschutes County Circuit Court returned the verdict Wednesday, bringing an end to one of the most highly anticipated trials the county has seen in years.

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Bryce Dole is a crime and public safety reporter with The Bulletin. He previously worked as a reporter with the East Oregonian. He grew up in Grants Pass and has lived in Oregon all his life.

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According to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence violent crime and homicide rates are worse in states with weaker gun laws. Those politicians most frenzied about crime should honestly examine how their own lackadaisical attitude toward gun safety contributes to the national tragedy.

The City of Bend cannot on its own supercede the State of Oregon in making gun safety laws (although it could try and challenge anyone who objects in court). However, being the engaged community we are, we could voluntarily act at the individual level to--for example--ban closed carry in bars.


Have some faith in your neighbors and leave your gun at home.


I hope he appeals and wins. Self defense is self defense rather alcohol is involved or not. If a gangster goes after someone and attacks them ... self defense is justified...


Clearly the defense didn't do enough to prove that it was self-defense, but apparently you know better.


What about the young man makes you describe him as a "gangster", Sherry?

Do you think every dude that loses a fight in Oregon should have the right to execute the other guy? There would be a lot of dead boys in this state.

Or maybe your feelings only apply when a white man loses a fight to black man.


Soon Bend will be have a responsible, ethical chief prosecutor who isn't contently showboating and trying his case on social media.

Transitory Inflation

Verdict seems just. Check back on the 28th.


Sounds fair. This concealed carry thing has gone too far. People who think they are in danger all the time can use their guns a little too loosely.

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