Deschutes County rural land

Rural Deschutes County

Somerset Drive, just outside of Bend city limits, is split in two. It is not physically divided in half, but neighbors are torn in opinion by a proposed residential addiction treatment facility slated to open at the southern edge of the street.

Last fall, a majority of neighbors in the Somerset subdivision voted in favor of forming a homeowners association, but some say it’s turned into a weapon that’s being wielded solely in the direction of the proposed rehab facility.

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Anna Kaminski is a city and county government reporter with The Bulletin. Previously, she was a reporter in Eugene, but she began her career in journalism as a teenager in her Midwestern hometown. 

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If there are similar facilities that neighbors could visit in other parts of Oregon to see how they work and to realize they are not going to laid waste by people needing help. That might change a couple of minds.


The key is a "Good Neighbor Agreement" and rules with teeth. Ideally there would be an ongoing conversation in the form of a permanent joint neighborhood/residence council. It would meet on a regular basis and field issues having to do with recognition and resolution of disputes. It would come up with solutions that would be binding and enforceable. Addiction is a national scourge; we need to begin to put things right for the good of society and all the rest of us who directly and indirectly suffer from its consequences.

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