Geoff Hinds

Geoff Hinds, director of the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, inside the expo center in October 2020.

The far-right Reawaken America Tour event in Redmond in April could be canceled midevent if organizers don’t comply with state mask rules, according to a new contract addendum Deschutes County is asking the event organizers to sign.

The contract addendum is going to organizations holding events at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center through the next 90 days, which includes the tour, said Deputy County Administrator Whitney Hale in an email. Fairgrounds employees will also be sending a separate letter just to Reawaken America Tour organizers, Hale said.

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Thomas Who

The Democrat party still using COVID as a thinly disguised device to obstruct and deny taxpayers and Patriot citizens the rights of assembly and free speech.

The Democrat party hates, depises and characterizes normal people as far-right extremists who would stand up and openly reject their own far-left ideology.

Any mass gathering of people who do not support their particular political point of view is a huge threat to…them.

Phil Chang, and his party can never win based on their policies or ideas. They know they can only cling to political power through cheating, obstruction, union money laundering, and election fraud,


Just in case you did not know, it's the democratic party, it's also a virus that came just as trump sent our military to Wuhan in 10/19/19 for the olympics... so maybe place the blame on your a...hat that even pulled 30 virus jobs to oversee the Wuhan facility.


Self righteous are we TW?


Thomas, your incendiary remarks are an affront to the public health of our community, let alone the political stability of this great country. Your statement is not "normal."


Here are more thanks given to Commissioner Chang by a law-abiding, rule-abiding citizen.


Thanks you Commissioner Chang! We must all follow the mask mandates!

Flynn, Stone, and their cronies are traveling around the US to fan the flames for another attempted coup if their candiate does not win in 2024.


I want to add to the thanks for Commissioner Changz willingness to uphold the mask mandate. I’m appalled by the sheer numbers of people and businesses in total disregard of the mask mandate.


Undue fear of Omicron and contempt for dissenting voices is a solid foundation for the righteous.


Undue stupidity and contempt by the right for following basic health care standards in a pandemic is a solid foundation for further stupidity.


Sincere gratitude to Commissioner Chang! This event is an embarrassment - however, free speech is free speech. That said, the rules apply to everyone. Speed limits, driving insured, and right now - masks. Thank you Mr Chang, I for one am deeply grateful!


Appreciate Commissioner Chang's levelheadedness and community concern. Hosting felons is rather embarrassing. Sigh


Thank you Commissioner Chang. Omicron is probably at least as contagious as measles. Your concern for the community and fair grounds employees is commendable.


I’ll add my thanks to Commissioner Chang.


Thank you for your courage and strong stance in the matter of ensuring our community’s safety during the April 1 and 2 Far Right rally. Notwithstanding the presence of two convicted felons requiring our scarce financial resources, I find the statements of your two associates on the Commission to be far from reassuring. Thanks, again, for taking a firm stand.


THANK YOU COMMISSIONER CHANG! There is much about this event that troubles me--I am not keen on convicted felons being given a platform in our County, but that aside, this from Capital Insider today:

"Oregon posted a worst-in-the-nation 486% rise in infections over the past two weeks, an analysis of national and state health records by the New York Times reported Thursday.

Oregon reported 47,272 new COVID-19 cases during the week of Jan. 6.

That's three times higher than the previous pandemic record and six times higher than just two weeks ago, Allen said.

A guy

Thank you Commissioner Chang

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