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The Little Pine chairlift carries skiers and a snowboarder on opening day Dec. 13 at Mt. Bachelor ski area.

Shuttered chairlifts and long lines at Mt. Bachelor ski area on Thursday lit up social media as skiers vented their frustrations with the resort’s pricing plans and management.

Skiers posted photos of the lines and decried the prices of lift tickets at the resort, some saying that prices are too high for extreme weather days that force the shutdown of chairlifts.

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Michael Kohn has been public lands and environment reporter with The Bulletin since 2019. He enjoys hiking in the hills and forests near Bend with his family and exploring the state of Oregon.

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I would argue that the people complaining just shouldn’t go to Bach when it’s terrible weather

Momma Des

Jared Dairy and Buckeye Duck. I am an old lady who grew up on Timberline, Ski Bowl, and Bachelor in the 70's. This sport has Never come with a refund. Mother Nature rules. Some days you sadly just sit in the lodge and have a Spanish Coffee or 2 to feel better. Sorry. Not everyone gets a trophy. Life is not fair.


Here’s a little secret. When they forecast strong winds at Bach Ski the Doo.


Kind of a first world problem here. The policy Bachelor has in place is the same as it was when the Pape family owned and operated it. I worked a couple of seasons in ski rentals and once you rented there were no refunds for conditions if you decided to head out on a sloppy day and didn't like it. At least they let you keep your pass for another day if you don't take any runs.

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