The Pilot Butte Canal is lined with homes near NE Empire Avenue and 18th Street in Bend.

For more than a century the Pilot Butte Canal, an open waterway that funnels irrigation water from Bend to Redmond, has been a regular feature of the High Desert landscape. President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act could change that.

Central Oregon Irrigation District, which maintains the canal, is preparing to tap into the infrastructure bill for funds to pipe the 22-mile long canal.

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Michael Kohn has been public lands and environment reporter with The Bulletin since 2019. He enjoys hiking in the hills and forests near Bend with his family and exploring the state of Oregon.

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Our Rep. Cliff Bentz voted against President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. And yet here we are planning all the ways we can spend the money. I’m reading that all the other Rep. no votes are doing the same thing. Everybody agrees that America’s infrastructure is broken but giving Biden credit for such a much needed win is, evidently, no longer possible in today’s partisan politics. How about the money goes exclusively to regions where the Representative voted yes.


Hypocrisy reigns in the Republican party.


The hypocrisy is on both side of the aisle. You all want to provide for homeless folks until it is in your neck of the woods. You all want criminal justice reform until you are a victim of a crime. I say how about if you all want something be willing to fund it with your dollars. If I want something I will donate my resources. Practice what you preach! Nancy Pelosi... Move the fense and allow houseless unfortunate immigrants and citizens access to your prime property. Stop asking everyone else to carry the load, you want carried, chip in and help with your own resources!

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