Stephen Hamway
The Bulletin

Culver voters were split on a measure that would extend the city’s ban on medical and recreational marijuana after the first round of ballots were counted.

Votes in favor of the ballot measure, which would maintain Culver’s prohibition on marijuana-related businesses and dispensaries, narrowly led votes against the measure on Tuesday evening. Culver Mayor Nancy Diaz said she wasn’t surprised by the narrow margins, given that the race has not been widely publicized.

Culver has had a ban on all types of marijuana-related business since 2016, due in part to a shortage of viable space in the city, according to Diaz. The City Council determined two years ago that this lack of space, along with other concerns made marijuana dispensaries a bad fit for the area. However, Diaz said the measure was intended to be a stopgap.

“We wanted to let the voters say yes or no, and not have the City Council be the definitive answer,” Diaz said.

If the measure were to pass, Diaz said the City Council would work with any prospective businesses that wanted to enter the city.

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