Redmond Mayor George Endicott appears to have won his seat against former mayor and city attorney Ed Fitch in Tuesday’s general election.

Endicott’s potential re-election is likely to become a family affair on the City Council. His wife, Krisanna Clark-Endicott, is one of four candidates for three Council seats. She looks to be among the top three vote-getters, along with Redmond City Councilors Jon Bullock and Jay Patrick.

A fourth City Council candidate, Josefina Riggs, made the race competitive when she announced her candidacy shortly before the filing deadline in August. But Riggs, a care worker for disabled children and member of local social justice groups, looks to be losing in the four-way race for three open seats.

Clark-Endicott moved to Redmond last year after marrying Endicott in July 2017 at the Oregon Mayors Association summer conference. At the time, Clark-Endicott was in the midst of her second-term as mayor of Sherwood.

The couple insists they see no issue serving together on the City Council.

“She has her own mind,” Endicott said Tuesday night. “She will vote her conscience and not what I want and visa versa.”

Endicott, who has held the position of mayor for the past 10 years, could be entering his sixth two-year term as mayor. He credits his challenger, Fitch, a Redmond attorney, for making the race the most competitive he has faced.

“This was my first really tough race,” Endicott said Tuesday night. “I had to work really hard at it. I’m feeling pretty good.”

Bullock, the executive director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy, was originally appointed in November 2017 to the City Council.

He appears to be successful in his first time on the ballot, as the top vote getter among the four Council candidates.

Patrick, who works as a network administrator, has served on the City Council for the past two decades. He looks to be collecting enough votes to continue his service as a councilor.

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