Nearly 160 acres of state-owned, school lands south of the Prineville Airport will be sold for $4.5 million to Lake Oswego-based Birch Infrastructure PBLLC, a company that develops infrastructure for data centers..

The proceeds will go to the state-run Common Schools Fund, which distributes money earned from school lands twice a year to Oregon schools, according to a press release from the Oregon Department of State Lands. In 2019, Crook County School District received $284,821 from the fund, the release stated.

The land sold, on Millican Road in Prineville, could be used for manufacturing, data centers or other businesses that could bring jobs to the city, the release stated.

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This is terrible news! No more data centers - please. This land and the water beneath it are more valuable than 4.5 million dollars. People in Central Oregon will need the water in this underground aquifer in the future. Where are they going to get water from if these data centers keep pumping it out? We live in an desert with little rainfall to recharge these ancient aquifers. Future generations will need this naturally stored pure water. The data centers are pumping out millions of groundwater each day so people can upload their photos and videos on social media, and play games. These aren’t stored on your phone or up in a cloud – they are stored on these servers in Prineville. Our water supply is keeping them cool to store your stuff. Tell the tech company data centers to start using recycled water for their cooling. They don’t need to use our pristine clean water. It is simply not sustainable.

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