Ice damming caused 30 feet of already-damaged fascia to completely pull away from La Pine High School’s science classroom wing Friday morning, causing Bend-La Pine Schools staff to remove the damaged piece from the roof.

There were no safety concerns in removing the fascia and the loss of the piece of metal, typically used to hold a gutter in place, doesn’t compromise the building’s structure, according to an email sent to parents from La Pine High Principal Matt Montgomery. The district already planned on replacing the damaged piece of fascia before this week’s snowstorm, and the ice dam just placed more pressure on it, according to Julianne Repman, Bend-La Pine’s director of safety and communications. Ice dams occur when ice on the edge of a roof causes melting snow to back up and leak into the structure.

La Pine High is one of 15 flat-roofed school district buildings inspected by structural engineering teams this week to check if snow removal was necessary. On Wednesday, local engineer Jon Walker and his firm, Walker Structural Engineering, determined that the snow was not heavy enough on any of the flat roofs to justify removing it. In his email, Montgomery added that Walker’s team of engineers found that the weight of snow on La Pine High’s roof Friday was less than half of what the roof was designed to hold.

Repman said the cost of replacing the fascia will be about $500, which will mostly be covered by insurance, and that Walker’s team say the load of snow on flat-roofed buildings continues to shrink, meaning those schools are structurally safe. A maintenance team checked every district building on Friday for more ice dams, and the fascia will be replaced as soon as Monday, Repman added.

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