Marshall High School’s new gymnasium has been delayed for a second time, mostly due to the record snowfall Bend has received this week.

The gym, which was last projected to be finished in March, will now likely be complete at the end of the month, with students potentially moving in by April 1, according to Bend-La Pine project manager Hal Beumel. However, the school’s new career and technical education (CTE) classrooms were inspected and approved for tenants on Thursday.

The classrooms and gym, part of plans to transform Marshall into a CTE-focused school, were initially expected to be ready for students by late January.

During that month, Beumel said new steel roofing panels, meant to hold up under heavy snowfall, were stiffer than traditional panels and buckled along seams when bolted down, confusing construction workers.

The second delay was caused by this week’s snowstorm, which made it difficult to finish exterior work on the gym and finish the roofing, although the interior of the building is already weather-proof, Beumel said.

There’s some interior work that needs to be completed, such as installing bleachers, striping the wood floor and adding bathroom partitions.

“We’ve got a couple plumbers and electricians doing work, but (the snow) slows everything down, as you can imagine,” Beumel said. “If you have any exterior work, it’s covered in snow and you have to dig it out.”

However, Beumel said if there was never a problem with the new roofing panels earlier in the year, the building would have been finished before the snow hit, so the second delay is sort of a domino effect.

“What’s really frustrating is we really hoped to be done by now,” he said. “It’s not necessarily the snow’s fault.”

The specialized classrooms, which will be used for teaching construction trades such as HVAC installation and cabinetry, as well as engineering-focused classes involving solar energy and 3D-printers, are ready for moving in.

Beumel said the city was supposed to inspect the classrooms on Monday, but due to the snow, the approval was pushed back to Thursday.

Principal Sal Cassaro said the school was still waiting on equipment and some furniture to arrive before they moved into the classes, and expected a grand opening for the gym and classrooms to take place in early April.

Cassaro said he’s “kind of used to” the delays by now.

“It’s going to be what it’s going to be, I’ve learned to adapt,” he said.

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