High School, Teen and Youth Notes

Nearly 1,600 students from 41 Central Oregon schools participated in the 26th annual Inventerprise contest, a science problem-solving contest sponsored by Bend Research with support from Bend-La Pine Schools and Central Oregon Community College. The following students are Inventerprise 2017 winners:

• Natalie Lawton, a freshman at Redmond Proficiency Academy, earned a top prize of $500 for her improved pet carrier that is scientifically tested to reduce temperature fluctuations, cushion pets and block noise.

• Tanner Taylor, a freshman at Summit High School, also earned a top prize of $500 for a biometric accessory to help drivers stay awake and reduce stress and distractions.

• Anna Chase, a junior from Bend High School, earned $200 for devising a way to distract energetic children during road trips using bicycle-style athletic diversions.

• Jessica Whittcar, a junior at Redmond Proficiency Academy, earned $200 for her tsunami-escape gondola;

• David Novotny, a junior at RPA, earned $200 for his second-cycle invention to transfer waste heat in internal combustion engines for use in electrical systems.

• Jacob Duke and Garrett McMichael, juniors at Redmond Proficiency Academy, each earned $100 and teamed up to invent an ocean-waste collection system that collects plastic and uses it to power naval vessels.

• Teaghan Knox, a home-schooled eighth-grader, built a model to demonstrate how an olivine filter can remove carbon dioxide from combustion exhaust;

• Weston Schaffer and Logan Foley, of Sky Middle School, developed a rocket launch assist in order to save fuel during rocket launches.

For their prize, each student gets to choose from an Apple Watch, a mountain bike, a GoPro camera, a tablet computer, a drone or a season ski/snow board rental.

All other winners are:

• Grade 5: Culver Elementary: Jace Silbernagel; High Lakes Elementary: Toni Prather, Blake Wilson, Kila Daily Pearl Curley, Sierra Ritchie; Juniper Elementary: Blake Luhmann, Owen Clark, Aaron Goyal, Hunter McCullough, Annabel Simmons, Owen McCormick, Thielsen Wardlow, Kylan Cathcart, Joseph Bercot, Cannon Powell, Casey Hermanson, Simone Alexander, Evelynne Ockner, Ella Roseborrough; Silver Rail Elementary: Hadley Hayes, Nico Bend, Logan Ontiveros, Eric Trejo, Isaac Stewart, Michael Griffith, Kolby Struck, Travell Johnson, Waylon Brazier, Brayden Keesee; Tom McCall Elementary School: Natalie Darnell, Molly Konop, Jonathan Mathis, Allie Reiss, Keiger Young, Mackenzie Shearon; Vern Patrick Elementary Middle School: Waylon Escalante, Courtney Fowler, Lily Botten, Camren Hill, Kaedyn Prusak; Cascade Middle School: Jarem Kerr, Mason Spreier, Lucas Sproba, Penny Yost, Maddie Gardner, Ryan Duarte, Barrett Justema; Cascades Academy: Mckenzie Lattig, Adin Lyders, Ruby Tappan, Kristof Klees, Hunter Vanden Bosch, Eric Verheyden, Neve Brandow, Ivy Phillips, Ruby Tien; Culver Middle School: Bryan Mendoza, Kaycee Kash, Tegan Macy

• Grade 4: Buckingham Elementary: Ben Schnur; Cascades Academy: Ruby Phillips; Juniper Elementary: Cami Laakmann, Brendan Medina, Landon Battles, Lauren Lilly, Cecilia Dean, Bram Gerken, Carter Garvin; Sisters Elementary: Ramen Vahdat; St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School: Ellie Norris; Tom McCall Elementary: Barrett Farmer, Brock Dunagan, Pearl Page-Norton; Westside Village Magnet School: Sam Jacobsen, Asha Berliner, Lucy Egertson, Lily Wiater

• Grade 3: Bear Creek Elementary: Skye Knox, Rhianwen Hornsby; Buff Elementary: Jazelle Fernandez, Nichole Skeels; Culver Elementary: Isaiah Keating; Sage Elementary: Rillie Mitchell; Silver Rail Elementary: Madalyn Cade, Cienna Robbins; St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School: Madeline Lorenz, Mallory Towell, Edna Velazquez, J.T. Reeves, Gianni Stark, Zoey Denning, Christopher Turel, June Williams; Three Rivers School: Cael Cardwell, Cash Littrell, Emily McGuire; Tom McCall Elementary: Abrielle Capson, Cash Strand, Campbell Sigfrid, Cole Hartfield, Tygh Hartfield, Emily Ritches, Aspen Moore, Myles Sigfrid, Ethan McDowell, Dane Iverson, Connor Richardson; Westside Village Magnet School: Tiger Hurzeler, Maxwell Keenan

• Grade 2: Buckingham Elementary: Beckett Timm; Highland Magnet at Kenwood: Micah King; St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School: Will Cohen, Gavin Johnson, Joshua Mitma, Teagan Brewer, Monte Buccola, Brynn Watts; St. Thomas Academy: Austin Cooley, Nate Hettiger, Nick Lindquist, Tarron Tom; Westside Village Magnet School: Isabel Fernandez, Lyric Harlowe, Noelle Hively

• Grade 1: Buckingham Elementary: Megan Hornsby; Cascades Academy: Drew Bollinger; High Lakes Elementary: John Flannery, Lucas Roberts, Delilah Dolan; Morning Star Christian School: John Bartholmew, Blaise Creech, Ezra Reynvaan; St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School: Rikaiya Griffin, Madeline Reynolds, Lyan Mitma, Andrew Riley; Westside Village Magnet School: Ginger Scearcy, Kimber Remund, Skyler Du Toit, Axel Gerard, Majicc Cross, Gavin Anthony, Ollie Martin

• Kindergarten: High Lakes Elementary: Chloe Giamellaro; Highland Magnet at Kenwood: Olin Skarperud; St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School: Noah Benson, Lealand Contreras; St. Thomas Academy: Olive Johnson, Yare Romero-Guzman, Paityn Wilson; Westside Village Magnet School: Bella Haindel, Anders Bjornstad