By Kailey Fisicaro

The Bulletin

After hundreds of weather-related traffic incidents this weekend, Oregon State Police and other organizations are advising people to stay home and off the roads if possible until conditions improve.

State police responded to more than 750 traffic incidents in 36 hours this weekend, most of them related to inclement weather, according to an OSP news release.

Among the traffic incidents were 91 road hazards, 266 disabled vehicles and 394 reported crashes, the release said.

No lives were lost in the traffic incidents, according to state police, but they are still warning drivers to stay safe.

OSP has a few reminders for Oregonians who still need to drive, despite adverse weather conditions:

• Use to monitor travel conditions and see where chains are required.

• Slow down in poor conditions.

• Do not leave disabled cars stopped in the roadway. Try to get the vehicle off the plowed section of the road and leave a note explaining when it will be removed. Abandoned vehicles that are a hazard can be towed immediately, and ones that are not a hazard can be towed 24 hours after being tagged by law enforcement, under state law.

• Be prepared to get stuck. Bring food, water and blankets, just in case.

• Do not use electronic devices while driving. Ask a passenger to help or pull over.

• Do not drive tired.

• Always wear seat belts.

Given inclement weather conditions this weekend, even organizations like AAA are lessening service offerings.

In the Bend area and much of the state, AAA is offering emergency services only. It’s responding to police requests for traffic incidents, people stuck without shelter and vehicles that are blocking roadways and have become safety hazards, according to a representative with the company.

If a person puts in a call from home that she has a flat tire, for example, AAA likely won’t be responding because of the backlog of priority calls. That will change when contractors are caught up and weather improves.

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