Civil Suits

Filed Feb 27

14CV0145 — Lynne P. Rollman v. Old Mill District Shops LLC, complaint, at least $250,000

Filed March 3

14CV0147 — Springleaf Financial Services Inc., formerly known as American General Financial Services Inc., dba American General Financial Services, v. Robert D. Monette, Janice R. Monette, Romaine Village Homeowners Association, complaint, $115,654.59

14CV0148 — Liberty Acquisitions Servicing LLC v. Susan M. Day and Ruff House, complaint, $40,910.93

14CV0149 — Jane Christensen v. James E. Chancellor, complaint, at least $250,000

Filed March 4

14CV0150 — Paul Macy v. Bosski Inc. and Columbia River Moto-Sports Inc., complaint, $1,464.059.13

14CV0152 — Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Richard T. Cross and Lisa D. Whited, complaint, $172,813.49

14CV0153 — Stanley A. Thomas v. Penny L. Newton, complaint, at least $100,000

14CV0154 — Liberty Acquisitions Servicing LLC v. Beverly Barasch-Sullens, complaint, $44,147.56

14CV0162 — The Estate of Howard C. Rackley v. Anthony Moon and Lemans Corporation, dba Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties, complaint, $124,917.69 plus interest, costs and fees

Filed March 5

14CV0155 — Ray Klein Inc., dba Professional Credit Service, v. Corey J. Rise, complaint, $13,506.70

14CV0157 — Capital One Bank N.A. v. Jaymeson Dahlke, complaint, $27,951.18

14CV0158 — Discover Bank v. Carolyn R. Bader, complaint, $17,873.73

14CV0159 — Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Paul Colburn, complaint, $28,997.81

14CV0160 — Shane Annichiarico v. Scott M. Knox, complaint, $33,431.60

14CV0161 — Margaret E. Manser and Teresa A. Wegner v. Jordan L. Grandlund, aka Jordan Haase, complaint, at least $150,000

Filed March 6

14CV0163 — U.S. Bank N.A., as trustee successor in interest to State Street Bank and Trust, as trustee for Washington Mutual MSC Mortgage pass—through Certificates series 2003-AR2, complaint, $95,668.43

14CV0164 — Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. David Jasper, Sharon Murphy and Washington Mutual Bank F.A., nka JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., complaint, $333,726

14CV0165 — Aloha Produce of Central Oregon Inc. v. Tom and Charleys’s Inc., Brothers Family Diner Inc., Outback Pizzeria Inc. and James R. Moore, complaint, $24,847.81

14CV0167 — JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. successor by merger to Chase Home Finance LLC, v. Britt Leis, Amber Leis aka Amber Larkin and Keybank N.A., complaint, $92,808.04 plus interest, costs and fees

14CV0168 — Pennymac Loan Services LLC v. Pete B. Morris, complaint, $175,752.02 plus interest, costs and fees