stock_deschutes county courthouse

The Deschutes County Courthouse in Bend. 

Deschutes County Circuit Court is no longer taking people into its drug treatment court and plans to end the program, possibly as soon as this summer.

Officials say staffing shortages and other changes prompted the program to be discontinued.

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Bryce Dole is a crime and public safety reporter with The Bulletin. He previously worked as a reporter with the East Oregonian. He grew up in Grants Pass and has lived in Oregon all his life.

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Could volunteers be used to help with this program?


Can the writer of this article state specifically which officials made this decision please???


I am very disturbed that the City is allowing one of the most effective programs helping people break the chains of addiction to stop operating in Bend. Everything possible to recruit the needed staff to keep Drug Court going should be done -- such as housing incentives, signing bonuses, etc. The rise in drug addiction has fueled homelessness in our community. Drug Court has proven successful in helping people at risk of becoming or remaining unhoused get off the street and back on track to having jobs, housing and connections to friends, family and neighbors. At a time when the City is struggling mightily to find locations for managed camps so that it can clear the unsanctioned camp at Hunnell Road, we cannot afford to lose a functioning program combatting one of the primary causes of homelessness – drug addiction.


For the record this is a Deschutes County program and the majority of the homeless camped on Hunnell Road are on Deschutes County property.

But overall, I agree. I don't think that the County is doing well in these areas, and neither the City or County seem capable of forming a healthy working relationship w/r/t these problems.


Thanks for clarifying about the County's responsibility for the Drug Court. It would be great to see the City and County collaborating more effectively on solving problems like lack of staffing for the Drug Court, establishing managed camps, etc.


This is a step back into the dark ages.

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