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Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson speaks at a press conference in 2016.

Sheriff Shane Nelson said Thursday the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is planning a permitting system required under Oregon’s newest gun bill, but said that enforcement of the measure would not be a priority for his office.

Measure 114 — one of the nation’s strictest gun control measures — bans the sale or transfer of firearm magazines with more than 10 rounds. It also requires safety training and a permit for Oregonians purchasing a gun.

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Bryce Dole is a crime and public safety reporter with The Bulletin. He previously worked as a reporter with the East Oregonian. He grew up in Grants Pass and has lived in Oregon all his life.

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Given that measure 114 empowers criminals, who don't care about the law, by limiting the law abiding citizen who legally carries for not only their protection, but to protect their family, friends, and anyone else around them. I support his comment.


So we get to individually decide what laws we feel like enforcing or obeying. Not how it works in the real world and a very dangerous precedent. Mr Sheriff needs to do his job, enforce the laws that are passed by the people, or we should find someone more capable.


I for one am fine with the law if this also bans law enforcement, military, and the common criminal. But reading the measure, their isn't any exemptions for law enforcement so in effect, even the police needs 10 rd magazines.

What joy and idiocy.


Not quite sure why the measure was brought to vote in the first place other than to fulfill political agendas. Before we go passing laws we need to ensure we have the capacity to uphold those laws. Our law enforcement does not have the resources to uphold the law. Those who brought this thing up for vote should have done their homework first to determine if it’s even feasible to enforce it. Our law enforcement is telling us this is impossible to enforce—we need to either listen and repeal or give them more resources.

Son of Liberty

Take all your liberal hivemind, anti- constitutional propaganda, your bs electric cars, and move back to California where you belong. Or better yet, move to Canada. You don't get to pick and choose, or even vote for which constitutional rights people get. The constitution is the law of the land, not the good sheriff, not measure 114.

Transitory Inflation

'Nelson said he has “concerns over the constitutionality” of Measure 114'

Tell it to someone that loves you, the public doesn't care. Do your job and don't publicly state upholding the laws of Oregon is not a priority. The next unhinged male that goes on a shooting spree maybe in your jurisdiction.

This is what happens when the commission gleefully pays any legal fees/settlements that the good-ole-boys generate. They just make bigger messes.


HMMMM. So let me get this straight. The sheriff's law enforcement department is willing to uphold measure 110 because it's a law even though they don't agree with it but not willing to uphold measure 114 which is also a law??? I am confused. You can't pick and choose which laws to uphold. It is a law and you are law enforcement. Perhaps time for a career change if you are picking and choosing which laws to enforce and dismantling our democracy.


Measure 114 won’t pass constitutional muster (see Bruen) and its contribution to public safety isn’t measurable.

It’s good to see Sheriff Nelson stand up for common sense.


The voters thought 114 was a common sense provision to restrain gun violence.

The sheriff should respect the law and do his duty.


If a law on the books is constitutional or not is determined by the judicial branch of our government not the law enforcement. Let the courts decide but in the mean time do your job or resign.


Shane Nelson, constitutional scholar! Who knew?


I surely did not.


This happens when clueless liberals try to force their beliefs on everyone.


Hmm a democratic vote vs a rogue sheriff...whose trying to force whose beliefs on who?


What about Oregon's death penalty? Passed in 1997 and 1987, then through a trick quasi-repealed by some legislators who don't care

What about physician-assisted suicide? Passed twice by voters. The US Government tried twice to reverse it?

What about trying violent rapists and 17-year old murderers as adults? Passed by increasing margins in 1994 and 2000, then by a single vote in 2019, on the whopping LIE the law (SB 1008) would "only be retroactive," it wasn't.....


Democratism is almost fetishistic these days. In what universe does it make sense for highly concentrated urban areas to "democratically" tell the entire rest of the state what they should and shouldn't do? You people genuflect at the altar of democracy as if any democratically-arrived decision is inherently good. Have you ever heard of the concept of the tyranny of the majority? Textbook case here. A sweeping, no-compromise legislation just barely squeaked through (with the help of out of state money to the tune of something like $30 million) the process that turns many of us into criminals overnight. It passed by a ridiculously slim margin... how many rich Californians slithered into Oregon over the COVID years again? Rich remote worker immigrants deciding they know best for the working class they're already pushing out of Bend to begin with. No, prole, you cannot own guns because we say so. Democracy!

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