While some may be skeptical of the current system to count election ballots, others, including Deschutes County officials, believe Oregon’s vote by mail system is a time tested machine process.

Oregon has been voting by mail in all of its elections since 2000 and was the nation’s first all vote-by-mail state. Voting by mail didn’t become widespread in the U.S. until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Oregon, and Deschutes County already knew the drill.

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Joe Siess is a GA reporter for the Bulletin. Joe previously reported for the Klamath Falls Herald and News and the Malheur Enterprise. He was born and raised in the Kansas City area, and holds a master's in journalism from the University of Missouri.

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Something tells me that if the GOP were winning more State and local elections, Mr. Stuart wouldn't have a problem with the way we vote in Oregon. It's too bad republicans no longer hold any civic pride in one of the best voting systems in the country (even Trump voted by mail in 2020!).


speaking of maroons, not too many years ago, we voted on paper, in person, with ID and had the results later that evening.

we can TOTALLY trust, Steve Dennison, 49, the Deschutes County Clerk, he used to work for ES&S, so he knows ALLL about the voting machines. he TOLD me that the modems cannot connect to the internet. uh huh. for reals.


Well when you educate yourself about what he has to do in his position, which requires a lot of transparency and ethics that Mr. Stuart is probably lacking, then you'll get the picture. Listening to the orange headed one does not make for a lot of well educated individuals. Uh huh, for reals.


Oregon last voted in-person over twenty years ago, and in the time since, there has been no major issues or fraud to speak of, and Oregon has been lauded nationally for it's mail-in ballot system.

We've only required ID to register to vote, not to vote on election day.

We don't use voting machines in Oregon, so...? Counting and sorting machines don't need to connected to the Internet, nor should they.


After reading about everything done by our election officials to keep our votes safe and secure, the Mr Scott Stuart's response, one can only wonder about how an election would be run under his watch. Same day voting with same day results? What a maroon...

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