A Jefferson County woman who complained to her homeowners association about her neighbor’s dog running loose is suing the association for $1 million for allegedly disclosing her identity to the neighbor.

Lisa Andrews claims after learning her identity, the neighbor and his girlfriend “terrorized” her from outside her home.

In June 2020, Andrews filed suit against the Crooked River Ranch Club & Maintenance Association in Jefferson County Circuit Court for breach of confidentiality.

The association in turn filed suit against Andrews’ neighbor on SW Sundown Canyon Road, Kelly Davis, to recover damages if it is found to be at fault.

Davis denies all accusations.

Andrews suffers from cynophobia, or fear of dogs, according to her homeowners association, and in documents in the case.

According to her lawsuit, in the summer of 2020, she and her partner, Ian Kurtz, were involved in a dispute with Davis and Davis’ romantic partner, who is not named in documents, over the latter couple allowing their English bulldog and German pointer to run free in the neighborhood.

Andrews says she spoke with an association representative and was assured if she filed a complaint against Davis, her identity would remain private and she would not be required to testify.

Andrews filed the complaint June 29, 2020.

“Due to my extreme cynophobia and very young children in the neighborhood, it seems crucial to report this,” she wrote on her complaint form, adding she’d witnessed alcohol and drug abuse and aggressive language from her neighbors.

Two days later, while Andrews was home alone, Davis and his girlfriend came to her door and banged loudly, “screaming and cursing.”

According to Andrews, the girlfriend yelled, “I am going to kick her a--. I am going to kill her.” The banging and yelling lasted 10 minutes, Andrews stated.

As a result of the episode, Andrews said she sustained severe emotional distress leading to chest pains, fainting, loss of sleep and hyperventilation. In one instance, she says she suffered a panic attack and had to call an ambulance to transport her to St. Charles Redmond.

In court filings, the association admits its policy is to keep complainant identities confidential. The association says a volunteer member of its rules committee had accidentally called Davis intending to call Kurtz and let slip the complaint had been filed.

When Davis informed the volunteer that he was Kelly Davis, the subject of the complaint, the volunteer, “apologized and immediately hung up the phone.”

In its answer to Andrews’ lawsuit, the homeowners association says Andrews and Kurtz had been in several confrontations with their neighbors regarding the dog running loose. In one instance, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was called.

“It is more probable than not, even without the inadvertent phone call, that Mr. Davis and Jane Doe would have concluded that the persons complaining were the same persons that confronted them about it three times on June 23,” wrote the association’s attorney, William Davis.

A pretrial hearing in the case was held Wednesday. The next scheduled hearing is scheduled for January.

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The answer is if one has a phobia of whatever type-go to a therapist who can desensitise one....if that doesn't work, move to a locale where whatever one fears is not near one....simpel, easy, and this litigation obsession ends


Not sure about Jefferson County, but in most counties it's illegal to allow your dog(s) to run loose off your property. They have a valid right to complain. OTOH, I'm not sympathetic about the whole confidentiality thing. Property ownership records are public information, and as the attorney pointed out, it sounds like it was obvious who would have filed the complaint.


No. The answer is for people to keep their animals on leash and in their own yard. Too many irresponsible morons owning animals.

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