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Corvallis police have arrested three men suspected of assaulting a transgender woman while she was working at a 7-Eleven convenience store last month, officials said.

Riley Westbrooks of Myrtle Creek and Dylan Guido of Roseburg, both 21, were arrested Thursday on suspicion of first-degree bias crime and third-degree assault. Kyle Rackley of Sutherlin, 22, also was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault.

The woman was working the graveyard shift at a 7-Eleven store several blocks north of the Oregon State University campus Oct. 24 when the trio attacked her, according to a GoFundMe set up to help her recover.

The men fractured her nose, orbital bones, sinus wall and shoulder while yelling transphobic and homophobic slurs, she wrote on the crowdfunding platform.

She wrote in a Sunday update that she was

hospitalized for two nights and is “doing a lot better.”

“Firstly there are no words in the English language that can convey my gratitude that Corvallis and all of you have shown me,” the woman wrote.

Guido was an Oregon State student until May 2020, university spokesperson Steven Clark said. Westbrooks and Rackley have not attended the university.

“We continue to be very dismayed and saddened by this attack,” Clark said. “Violence of any sort, against any individual, and certainly against individuals of a transgender or non-binary status, is antithetical to everything this university stands for.”

Detectives found the men in Roseburg. They’re now being held in the Benton County Jail.

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