Deschutes courthouse (copy)

The Deschutes County Courthouse.

A Sisters man accused of intentionally driving into an injured deer was caught after posting a video of it to Snapchat.

Jaden Harvey Wiles, 18, is charged in Deschutes County Circuit Court with first-degree animal abuse and failing to perform the duties of a driver, in addition to two wildlife violations for an incident that allegedly took place Feb. 2 in Sisters.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said Wiles was caught after someone reported viewing a disturbing video filmed and posted by Wiles.

The clip in question reportedly shows Wiles driving on N. Locust Street as a deer limped in the road.

“Are you struggling?” he reportedly said. “Here let me help ... you look like you’re struggling. Let me help you out.”

Wiles then ran over the deer in the road and said, “You ain’t f-----g struggling anymore.”

He posted this video to Snapchat and shared it with a friend, Hummel said.

He was cited by Oregon State Police and charged last week in circuit court.

A voicemail left for Wiles was not returned. He is not currently represented by an attorney, according to court records.

He’s scheduled to be arraigned May 25.

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Garrett Andrews has covered criminal justice for The Bulletin since 2018. A native of the Olympic Peninsula (Sequim), he has 14 years experience as a newspaper reporter and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Colorado-Denver.

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Apparently people having opinions makes them a “drop out”, sounds wrong to me. When I was a kid and an animal was suffering we ended it’s suffering, I think people are over analyzing a simple part of life and the kid made a joke while he was taking care of said “part of life” but that fact that the people in this place are so quick to throw there community members to the wolves makes me regret living here since I was 3


Sounds to me like a whole bunch of vegans decided to gang up on an 18 year old kid who killed a dear that was missing a limb… do everyone a favor and go back to California


It never states the deer was missing a limb just injured? Fact is the people are mad because he killed it for his own sick enjoyment. If he honestly cared about the deer he would have put it down humanly and not posted it to media. How about the police do ever one a favor and remove this psycho path from sisters

Deer assasin 69

Glad to hear you constructive criticism LOAF. But I feel as if when you say our small city you don’t mean it. If you contributed to the small city in a good way then you wouldn’t be sitting behind your phone bitching at an 18 year old.


The sisters police get pretty bored, maybe they should remove your hateful senile self


As someone who has lived here my whole life, this isn’t a shocker. You’re clearly one of Jaden’s friends and given you are all dropouts, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that purposefully running a deer over as he did is highly psychotic behavior. Who even knows if the deer died, and that he didn’t just further it’s misery? This isn’t how you hunt, it’s clearly out of enjoyment. Stop acting like he’s a good kid.


All dropouts, coming from someone who is going nowhere. You clearly aren’t very smart if you think a dually ford running over a deer wouldn’t kill it


What an embarrassment for our small city! These Re the kinds of people we don’t want here

Michael Thornton

Definition, Jaden Wiles: see loathsome. What an unworthy failure of a human being. What a sorry, horrible excuse for the worst bodily contents.


-some senile man who thinks he owns sisters


What a "lovely" young man....I bet his parents are so proud. Throw the book at him - what disgusting behavior.

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