Thomas Ahern is a man of many problems.

He’s homeless, broke, bleeding from cuts and scrapes, and according to authorities in Portland and Washington County, has been caught inside stolen cars twice since late July — both leading to felony cases.

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Also, the problem is when they do get a public defender then that person is so over-loaded, overwhelmed, they can't possibly give a proper defence and everyone knows it. This part of the story has been represented in countless TV shows and movies for decades. The prosecutor has a lot of resources, the public defender not so much. In other states in America this is not the case, and a defendants rights are protected by more fully funded public defenders. Oregon is actually one of the worst states in the nation for this unconstitutional, horrible mess that our state has become. The poor deserve a proper defense under the law, and they are not getting that even if they get a PD, in Oregon. Heck, I've heard more than once a complaint that the PD didn't even remember his clients name! If he can't remember the name, then how can he/she remember what's in the police report? Or in the evidence provided by the DA? Or do ANY investigation into what evidence the DA may have left out of the information given to the defense. America and especially Oregon should be totally ashamed. How dare we lecture the world on human rights when we treat our poor this way? Add to that the fact that a shocking percentage of people are actually innocent, and end up taking a plea offer pleading guilty to one or more charges everyone knows they did not do because they know if they go to trial they'll lose without a proper defense. The only way to win in court is if you have huge amounts of money to pay an good attorney. That's America and it's horrible!

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