The patient who walked away Monday morning from the psychiatric unit of St. Charles Bend, prompting Bend Police warnings that he was “dangerous,” quietly returned Monday night.

Police do not know where Jeremy Owen Allbritton was during his day on the loose.

Allbritton, 41, was being held on a civil commitment when he walked away from the hospital around 8:30 a.m., prompting police to put out a public call for assistance finding him.

Allbritton is accused of assaulting hospital staff prior to his escape, and police warned Monday that he was highly dangerous and should not be approached. At one point Monday, every on-duty officer was searching for Allbritton, who was last seen wearing hospital scrubs but was not wearing shoes, police said.

“Mr. Allbritton was considered dangerous, so we wanted to get him off the street as quickly as possible,” said Sheila Miller, Bend Police spokesperson.

Police received several tips throughout the day, including a person who reported Allbritton could be in Redmond.

Around 11:20 p.m., Allbritton arrived back at the hospital. He was arrested and taken to the Deschutes County jail, where he remained on Tuesday on charges of coercion, menacing, fourth-degree assault and harassment.

A judge will determine whether he returns to the hospital or remains in jail.

Allbritton has prior convictions for assaulting a police officer, assault and endangering the welfare of a minor.

He has four open cases in Oregon, including charges in Jackson County alleging he assaulted a woman and pulled out a large amount of her hair. She reportedly told police she was afraid to report him because he often made threats to harm her.

Police do not know where he was throughout the day, according to Miller. An investigation may determine that and whether he was assisted by other people, Miller said.

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I am troubled by the "mug shot" released by the Bend PD. How could this have been the best way to inform the public, as it is not clear it portrayed Mr. Allbriton in the most recognizable way. Let's be straightforward with these public notices and not attempt to add a layer of fright that could create even more endangerment both to the public and to the suspect.

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