Deschutes County jail

An entrance to the Deschutes County jail in Bend.

A San Francisco man charged with groping and attacking his Uber driver in Bend — and who later sued the driver for $3 million — was ordered to wear an alcohol monitor and pay additional bail after he was seen taking in the nightlife in Oregon and California, against court orders.

Mark Richard Mastalir, 53, faces criminal charges in Deschutes County Circuit Court for allegedly harassing and assaulting an Uber driver in March 2020. While awaiting trial, Mastalir, a former marketing executive for Nike and Reebok, has been ordered by the court to avoid bars and not drink alcohol.

But prosecutors say he’s been a regular in the social scene in downtown Bend, patronizing the members-only Loft of Bend up to three times a week.

In a hearing Thursday morning, a Deschutes County circuit judge ordered Mastalir to pay an additional $20,000 in security or else await trial in jail.

Mastalir’s attorney, Todd Grover, did not object.

“He will post the additional security,” Grover said. “We understand your order and we will see it through.”

On March 21, 2020, Uber driver Rhonda Bowlin called police to report that while transporting an intoxicated man home, he’d grabbed her and pulled her hair, causing her to swerve.

Police located Mastalir, bloody, by the side of Skyline Ranch Road after Bowlin reportedly used pepper spray, a stun gun and a baton to fight him off. Before Mastalir was taken to jail, staff at St. Charles Bend closed several large lacerations on his scalp.

In June 2020, he was indicted on eight criminal counts.

In January, with the criminal case pending, Mastalir filed a $3 million lawsuit against Bowlin accusing her of “extreme violence,” and alleging a much different version of the March 21 incident. He states in his lawsuit that during the ride home, he’d lightly touched Bowlin trying to communicate that she’d missed his turn, and in response, she viciously attacked him. The suit accuses Bowlin of lying about the incident to police and on social media, and seeks nearly $1 million for each of three claims, meaning Mastalir could receive an award as high as $3 million.

Bowlin has filed a half-million dollar counterclaim asserting she used self-defense.

Last month, the district attorney’s office received a tip from a woman saying she’d seen Mastalir drinking with several young women at a San Francisco restaurant and bar called the Balboa Cafe.

“(The woman) was shocked to see Mark at the bar and also had concerns for the young females talking to him,” wrote district attorney’s investigator Jake Chandler in court documents.

Slape, who knows Mastalir from Bend, approached the group and told the women to be careful and showed them a Bulletin article about Mastalir. At this, Mastalir and his friend reportedly left the bar.

According to court documents, the investigator interviewed a manager at Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails, which operates The Loft, which is described as a “unique and exclusive space to host meetings and gather with friends.” The manager said Mastalir comes to The Loft as often as three times a week and usually drinks wine he brings and stores on-site in a private locker.

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Transitory Inflation

'he’d lightly touched Bowlin trying to communicate that she’d missed his turn, and in response, she viciously attacked him.'

Viciously attacked in the backseat by a woman driving the car. Curious.


Article fails to mention that there's a dash cam, that's been made public, proving how egregiously the man behaved

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