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A Bend Police cruiser.

A former Bend Police officer accused of using improper procedure when he booked a homeless man into the county jail is now being investigated by the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office.

The office is reviewing a June 2021 incident involving Peter Enna, who resigned as an officer in May.

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Garrett Andrews has covered crime for The Bulletin since 2018. A native of the Olympic Peninsula (Sequim), he's been a newspaper reporter for 14 years and has an MA in political science from the University of Colorado-Denver. A lover of overcast skies.

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Could it be that the whistleblower is put under a microscope until cause is found to push him out?


Maybe, or it could be that they weren’t doing the right thing in the first place. Maybe ask the homeless person who was arrested?!


100% right here. Usually people quit when they know they did wrong and are going to be found out to avoid the embarrassment or charges being filed. Just because someone is a whistle blower doesn’t mean their hands are clean. Dirty cops are dirty cops, I could see this getting bad, how many cases was officer Enna involved in that could have ground to be re-examined because he has a history of not following procedure and lying? Let’s get the Portland mentality out of our amazing community.


Well that’s quite an integrity check! Wonder why the dishonest guy doesn’t get to be a “witness” anymore? Must have the other whistle blower feeling odd.


Officer Enna did display uncommon integrity as a whistleblower. (I believe Bend P. D. should start a policy of commendations for officers whose honesty--and courage--compel them to report irregularities and abuses.) Let's give Enna the full and fair opportunity to deal with these charges.


He lied… how is that showing integrity? He put every case he ever worked on in jeopardy! How many people behind bars are going to ask for a retrial based on his “integrity”.

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