William Gerald Williams


A Bend man will serve 13 years in prison for assaulting his then-girlfriend.

On Thursday in Deschutes County Circuit Court, William Gerald Williams was sentenced to 160 months in prison. Two days earlier, he pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, second-degree assault and attempted first-degree sodomy.

On Dec. 13, Williams’ then-girlfriend was admitted to the ICU at St. Charles Bend with life-threatening injuries: a lacerated kidney as well as fractured ribs, a fractured spine, a broken cheekbone and a nose broken in several places, according to court proceedings. The woman told police at the hospital Williams had forced her to go on “pain rides” in his car, in which he assaulted her with his fists and a long wooden stake.

“He would poke at her and strike at her in a downward motion so there were injuries all over the left side of her body,” said Stacy Neil, a prosecutor with the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office, at the sentencing hearing Thursday.

Police learned of the abuse and that it had been going on for many months, Neil said. In addition to the “pain rides,” Williams had kicked her with heavy boots on, thrown items at her, split her forehead by striking her with the blunt end of a knife, burned her with a lighter and subjected her to repeated unwanted sexual contact, Neil said.

On one occasion, he tried to force the woman to sexually abuse her dog, Neil said.

“She described a very controlling environment where she was restricted with what food she could eat,” Neil said. “She was forced to drink the defendant’s urine when she wanted something to drink.”

Williams was arrested that month and charged with 25 criminal counts, including the Measure 11 offenses of first-degree assault and first-degree kidnapping. The maximum he could have served in prison was 40 years.

On Thursday, Williams appeared by video from the Deschutes County jail. He declined to address the court when given the chance.

“Mr. Williams is taking responsibility for his actions,” said his lawyer, Leslie Nitcher. “He does acknowledge that his behavior was not appropriate.”

Judge Alison Emerson further assigned Williams seven years post-prison supervision.

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13 years is not enough hes been hurting women childern and animals for 30 year how many has he hurt between Pa and Bend this is a face i hoped to never see again


I am glad that is was convicted and is no longer able to abuse this woman. I just don't know if 13 years is enough time.

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