Jake Strayer

Jake Strayer in his pickup truck at Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park on Oct. 3, 2020, when supporters of President Trump clashed with Black Lives Matter activists. 

The Deschutes County District Attorney will seek a warrant to arrest Jake Strayer, the man accused of pointing a revolver at several people at a political clash Oct. 3 at Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park, for failure to appear at his arraignment Thursday.

Strayer, 42, was scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. before Judge Ray Crutchley in Deschutes County Circuit Court. He's charged with the felony of unlawful use of a weapon as well as two counts each of the misdemeanors of menacing and pointing a firearm at another person. 

Strayer was indicted Oct. 29, several weeks after a chaotic incident in which Trump supporters preparing to caravan through Bend were rerouted to the park, where Black Lives Matter supporters were having a picnic.

Photos taken by people at the clash show Strayer pointing a gun at people near his truck.

BLM activists were outraged Bend Police did not arrest Strayer at the time.

Instead, the department has said its officers at the scene decided to confiscate Strayer's weapon, and another kept in his truck, and review video evidence before determining whether to arrest him.

Bend Police ultimately recommended the district attorney charge Strayer with three crimes. Hummel opted to charge him with five.

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WOW! The Bend PD don't arrest him, but arrest a guy at 10 Barrel for literally doing nothing except sitting at a table with guys he just met that were acting like jerks? Oh, wait, he was also wearing a Trump sticker and the Lefty 10 Barrel Manager and Server didn't like that, so they lied about him. Makes sense in Oregon! If there is one thing that the Bend PD is consistent on, it's that they're always inconsistent. https://10barrelhatestrumpsupporters.info.

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