Five Redmond residents were arrested Saturday following an alleged DUII hit-and-run, and a video circulating on social media has residents questioning Redmond Police’s use of force in the incident.

At about 4:50 p.m., a caller told a 911 dispatcher a possibly impaired driver had struck a fence near Elton Gregory Middle School and nearly hit a small child.

As Redmond officers arrived, the driver, Brett Blake, allegedly attempted to drive away, nearly striking another driver, according to police. Blake eventually stopped in an alley.

Police suspected DUII and began roadside tests on Blake.

As this was happening, a parent of the child allegedly nearly struck by Blake was in a dispute with four relatives and friends of Blake.

During the investigation, the four approached officers near the scene in northwest Redmond.

Police attempted to arrest one of the four and a “physical dispute” broke out, according to Redmond Lt. Curtis Chambers.

“In total, all four family members were arrested by Redmond Police,” Chambers said in a statement.

A video shared Sunday on Facebook shows officers using force to overpower two of the arrestees.

“What f-----g crime are you accusing me of?” one arrestee asks police before he’s taken to the ground and held there by three officers.

Near the end of the 1:22-minute video, a Redmond officer approaches Marlana Blake, who is filming the incident.

“Put your f-----g hands behind your back,” he tells her before the video cuts out.

Blake, 39, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, failure to perform the duties of a driver involved in an accident, property damage, reckless driving and two counts of recklessly endangering.

Marlana Blake, 40, was arrested on suspicion of interfering with a peace officer.

Lorence Ortega, 19, Kameron Leisek, 19, and Cash Reese, 18, were arrested on suspicion of menacing, interfering with a peace officer and resisting arrest.

Redmond Police Department is one of the few law enforcement agencies in Central Oregon that employs body-worn and dash-mounted video cameras.

Chambers said all videos of the incident will be released after the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office reviews the case and makes its charging decision.

“It’s important to note that the video is one small part of the incident,” he said.

Two of the officers suffered minor injuries, including bumps on the head and scratches on arms, Chambers said.

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